Find out about the top ten amazing places to visit on a gap year, to inspire your next year of adventure.

Gap years are more of a thing than they used to be as travel is much more accessible and desirable with the rise in social media. They are a wonderful idea, enabling you to discover different scenery, cultures, meet new people and generally experience the world before the world of work becomes your entire universe. Before you set off on your travels you may with to consider using some cheap self storage from inspire you before your one year adventure, here are ten ideas of exactly where you need to visit during your adventure:

  1. Fiji

Fiji is paradise, but more of an accessible paradise compared to more expensive island locations like Hawaii or The Maldives. It is full of incredible marine life, and plenty of on-land nature too. It is an affordable way to see island life, and to meet other backpackers in paradise at the same time.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is essentially Lord Of The Rings country. It has an exceptional amount of wildlife to discover, plus jaw dropping scenery, beaches and incredibly friendly people too.

  1. India

India is an incredible location to explore in a gap year because it is so diverse. From temples to beaches to rivers, there is so much to discover along with very friendly people to show you around too.

  1. Brazil

Brazil is very friendly and extremely cultural, making a great gap year destination. The food and the scenery, as well as the parties, could fill a whole year up if you wanted them to!

  1. Peru

Peru is exceptional for history lovers, or if you really want to get completely lost in deserted areas and trails. There are amazing wonders in Peru, as well as an abundance of llamas.

  1. Canada

Canada is so friendly, it is an amazing place to meet people. There are also areas with every kind of scenery, from snowy vast mountains, so tree lined beaches, you can’t get bored exploring this incredible place.

  1. South Africa

For something completely different, South Africa has a lot to offer backpackers. The wildlife is of course amazing, but the tribe cultures and vibrance of the different towns and cities is also an amazing thing to experience.

  1. America

America is so vast and huge, you could travel around it for more than a whole year. There are areas with cowboys and farming, beaches and surfer dudes, cities and people rushing to work, as well as all kinds of amazing scenery.

  1. Australia

Australia is one of those places that everybody wants to travel at some point. There is a huge backpacking culture there where you can meet tons of people. You can also enjoy amazing beaches and all kinds of natural wonders.

  1. Indonesia & Thailand

Thailand is like the beginners backpacker country and then Indonesia is like the next step along. Both are the most popular places to go and travel on a gap year. Tropical beaches, rainforest, friendly people and most importantly, cheap prices, make both Indonesia and Thailand irresistible to those looking for the ultimate gap year experience.


Happy Backpacking!