Lots of info about the tech is always interesting and of course that is for various topics there including about the popular game as like Arena of Valor. For many people playing game can be a kind of effective entertainment to get rid some boredom and sometimes frustration. That is the reason why there are so many people who are interesting in spending their free time by playing lots of games. The game lovers can simply enjoy their time at home or even anywhere and enjoy their favourite games or even trying the new games which have not been ever played before.

There are so many kinds of games which we can find and enjoy. Surely all of the game lovers have their own favourite types and favourite genres of the games, for example strategy game, action game, role play game, and so on. Many of them become such the favourite games among the gamers. That may be including the game named Arena of Valor. If you are a gamer, of course you know about this game or even you have been familiar with the game. That is one of the favourite games among the gamers which may also be often said as one of the games which are really challenging for the people or game lovers.

That is why there are lots of people who have tried the challenges in the game and often feel so curios about the game so that they are looking for lots of tips and info about the strategies to accomplish any challenges in the game. This is actually not a new game but now it becomes booming again because of the recent updates which are made by Garena. That is really interesting to be known especially among the people who love this game so much and want to know what is new there in the game.

About the Game Arena of Valor

No doubt that almost all gamers have been familiar with the game named Arena of Valor. That is also often well known as the AOV. This is one of the popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games (MOBA games). The game is played by 5 players vs. 5 players. This game firstly has the name of Mobile Arena which is then changed into this name for the global name. Then now this name is already known well by lots of gamers and people. This is the fun online game which can be played by lots of people and of course if you have not played this game before, you can have it a try and enjoy all of the challenges there.

Arena of Valor Updates

Garena recently inform the new updates for the Arena of Valor game. This recent update is also said as the great updates since there are lots of main updates of this game involving the updates of the maps, items, features, and so on. Of course, we also can find the Arena of Valor heroes updates which of course make the gamers are curious about what the new heroes which can be found in this popular game.

One of the updates which are offered by this game is about the balancing between the items and heroes. The goal is to improve the playing game experience which is more dynamic. The application is in the form of Nerf, Buff, and also adjustment to some items and heroes.

The next new update is about the maps. Of course as like the other MOBA games, maps play the important role there which will affect much to the player’s convenience in playing the game. One of the updates there is about optimizing the area of jungle. The change can be seen by the Fortune Cuora which turns to be Cruise Eagle that actually can be used as the Ward.

Garena also has the Arena of Valor recent updates for giving punishment for the players who are Away from Keyboard (AFK), as like ban. There will be the effective action for minimizing the players who are AFK. Then, for the good players there will be the rewards. That is such a good thing for creating the better players’ behaviour.

The next update is the Item Build which is the main key for the player to perform the effective and good play. In the future, there will also be the feature of Pre Order Item. That will be really helpful in dealing with the need for the better performance in this game. The next great and new update of the Arena of Valor is Ban Pick system which is as like other MOBA game.