The shaft motor is a common component of many types of machinery, from toys to equipment in a big factory. Even though it’s a common component, we can find different variety of designs which allows it gives a different function as well. One of them is the vertical hollow shaft motor. The hollow type of motor now becomes a popular choice among manufacturers. Why?

The Reason Why Hollow Shaft Motor is Popular

–        Save more space

Currently, many factories and manufacturers try to reduce the dimension of the equipment they used. It saves more space and lowers the cost of electric energy used to operate that equipment. Of course, the risk of reducing the size is also there. For example, it lowers the power output. However, the vertical hollow shaft motor that is generally used in the pumping system solves the problem.

The motor with the solid shaft is unable to provide the space to cramp up other components in the motor drive. However, the hollow shaft motor solves that problem. This motor doesn’t use the shaft, so there is enough space inside the drive where you can put the necessary component. It saves the space, makes it lightweight, but it doesn’t lose the power output, especially when you have to keep a high torque level.

–        Low error percentage

The shaftless design gives a space to integrate many elements in the motor. With a tight and neat arrangement like this, the gap that can start a small movement that causes a big error in the motion can be prevented. Moreover, this design also doesn’t need too many components to reach the result that you want. It means you can save more money and time for the installation process.

–        Flexibility

The vertical type of hollow shaft motor mostly is used on the pump. However, compared to the motor with the shaft for the pump, the hollow type has more flexibility. With its capability to integrate with many elements; you can use it for many positions and angles. Of course, the angle will be limited to the vertical angle. However, compared to the other motor system, this one has more options in the mounting position.

–        Better torque transmit

Compared to solid shaft type, the hollow shaft motor has a better capacity for the torque transmitting process. This allows the motor to keep the power even though it gets lower energy to operate its motion. This is useful to keep the motion stable as well as save more energy for activating the whole system.


All benefits we explained above show how great and useful a vertical hollow shaft motor compared to the solid one. It can increase effectiveness and make the operating process work effectively. In addition to shaft motor, you can also check Jigsaw Under $100 if you have a limited budget. It will also help you with your work.

However, even though it has so many advantages over the solid type, there is a risk of over-torque. When it happens, the force produced from the exceed torque can affect the motor physically. Therefore, it is important to make sure the system you are using, match the vertical hollow shaft motor that you are going to use.