The best method of producing plastic parts on the market is injection molding. You should not look anywhere else if your company relies on making quality parts in high volumes and within record times. Plastic mold injection is probably the most popular solution due to its reliability and ease of use. If there is a place to go to learn more about all the fantastic applications and advantages of plastic mold injection, it’s Wunder Mold, a leader in the plastic injection molding industry.

Priority In Detail

Strike while the iron is hot comes to my mind. With the ability of the machine to add pressure to the plastic, it is possible to create highly detailed parts that don’t need additional touches when they exit the molds. It is too expensive and time-consuming to add the details after the basic production is complete. Plastic mold injection saves you time and money by adding detail and complexity on the spot. The highly detailed mass production lets you be more creative in the initial designs without adding extra work when the part is finished.

Production Speed

This method offers the advantage of producing a large number of plastic parts in a brief period. The cycle time for the first cycle is between 1 and 2 minutes, depending on the complexity, but the simpler the part, the faster it comes out. Besides saving time, the leftover material can also be reused, making the whole process more affordable. By recycling leftovers, you can save money and the environment by reducing the amount of waste. The process leaves very little waste making it environmentally friendly. Its reusability makes it economical and clean.

Manipulate The Plastic

You can create plastic parts with different features by using filters. You can regulate the density of the material, so the parts are more resilient or more elastic, based on your preference. You can also make certain parts thicker to add more durability. You don’t need to waste time making a whole new project only to apply these modifications. The process allows you to mold plastic with different features to create original molds. You can further specify the features of each part by co-injection molding and add even more detail to your production.

Cost-effective Production

The plastic injection molding process is automated. Machines handle most of the work, Injection Molding Machine.  One person is required to see the project through. In turn, this decrease in labor cost brings the production price down for the customer. Your investment is further secured by fast and quality production that leaves little room for errors.

Maintenance Requirements

Molds have a lifespan and several cycles before they need to be replaced. Depending on the quality of the mold and the complexity of the project, one mold should be capable of completing 100 to 1 million cycles. You should perform cleaning after a project is complete. It includes chemical cleaning, ultrasonic immersion cleaning, dry ice blasting, soft plastic media blasting, and laser cleaning. Cleaning the vents and lubricating the mold is essential. Molds are susceptible to rust due to residual raw materials and moisture.

The Final Product

Additionally, plastic injection molding produces 99% of finished products. Unless something can be done only manually, no finishing touches are usually needed. 

Plastic mold injection is expensive if used for smaller projects because of the complexity of the process. Also, there are some limitations regarding design. Sharp edges and undercuts should be avoided. Mold injection can produce a lot of high-quality parts fast on a low budget and with a low impact on the environment.