Businesses that want to remain competitive and profitable today typically must have a website to complement their online or brick and mortar operations.  They cannot simply rely on word-of-mouth or their social networking pages to generate the revenue and traffic they need to stay in business.

However, with as flooded as the online market continues to be with businesses of all shapes and sizes, you may not know for sure if the name you want for your website is available.  You can find out for sure and use other services to create and maintain a profitable website by searching for a website host, premium domain names, corporate email accounts, and more.

Searching Outside of the Box

The concept of thinking outside of the proverbial box remains as useful today as it did 50 years ago in the business arena.  When you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need to take advantage of new and innovative strategies as they come available to you.

One of these strategies involves using domain extensions that are not as prevalent yet as tried and true ones like .com or .net.  The newer ones that website owners are using today include .guru and .company, which may seem a bit odd to some new website owners.  However, they are the ones that are most readily available and also profitable, allowing you to get your business off to a lucrative start on the Internet.

If you do not want to use these domains but instead prefer something more traditional, you can always use the search option on the website to find out if the one you want is available.  The search option allows you to avoid creating a website that has a duplicate URL or content as the website of one of your main competitors.

Other Services

Along with finding domain name and extensions that you can use for your website, you also may want to use other services to make the website more functional.  For example, your customers may need a way to contact you other than calling your business phone line directly.  You may want to establish a corporate email account for your company.

The business can help you generate and establish a corporate email that you can use as a contact option for your customers.  You can also check out your options for website hosting to keep your website available and accessible to your customer base.

A website is a must-have resource for businesses today.  When you want to create one that is unique and functional, you may need an individualized domain name extension for it.  You can find out what is available and take advantage of other services online today.