A professional company needs to be supported by high-quality items and equipment. One of the items is a magnet. Of course, the magnet is different from the ordinary magnet in the market. What you need is a specific magnet for industrial purposes such as square magnets. Let’s learn more about this type of magnet to make sure that you are using the right product for maximal performance.

About Square Magnet

Square magnets are a super strong magnet and it is designed for industrial purposes only. It is not used for personal usage. This is due to the huge size of the magnet in which you are about to use a 50x6x6mm, 60x5x5mm, 24.5×14.6x3mm, 30x45x30mm, or 32x23x18mm flat square magnet. Although it is a strong magnet you can make a hole in the middle of the magnet for some specific purposes. This magnet is made from China in the trusted company such as JinTong Magnetic Material Technology Co. Ltd. The square magnets are coated with nickel but you can also order a specific square magnet with gold, silver, copper, epoxy, chrome coatings.

Square Magnet Working Temperatures

Another thing you need to consider while using the square magnets is the temperature. Each of the magnets works properly at a specific temperature. Just make sure that the magnet is not used below and higher than the standard temperature. For example, an N35-N52 square magnet works well in up to 80 degrees Celcius or 176 degrees Fahrenheit. In different cases, a 33M-48M square magnet works properly in 100 degrees Celcius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit. There is also a company which uses 33H-48H square magnet which can be used in 120 degrees Celcius or 248 degrees Fahrenheit.

Important Considerations while Using the Square Magnet

Besides considering using the square magnets in the right temperature, you also need to know how to use it safely. The square magnets are made of brittle and hard features material. As the result, the product has an extremely strong magnetic force. Because of the strong magnetic force, if the two magnets are encountered rapid absorption or collusion it is able to broke an iron. Indeed, you have to do the process carefully. Try to reduce scrap to prevent pinching hands.

The Place to Get High-Quality Square Magnet

The square magnets are a special magnet which only used for industrial purposes only. That’s why you can’t find the product in any stores. You have to order it to the manufacturer such as Jintong Magnetic Material Technology Co., Ltd. You just need to submit an order to the company and let them send the square magnets to your company. What you have to do is informing your name and title, active email, phone number, and the specific magnet you want to order. Just make sure that your order is correct and then click the send button. You just need to wait for the reply to make sure that they approve your request. When the process is complete and you deal with the requirements you just need to wait for the square magnets come to your company. The product will be sent in the safeties way to make sure that the delivery doesn’t reduce the quality of the magnet.

The company is located in Shanxi, China and you can also discuss your order via telephone, fax, mobile phone, email, and Skype. The company is also an experienced company which has been operated from 1995. Since then, the company grows larger and larger and become one of the trusted magnet suppliers. They are ready to serve a variety of magnets including large magnets, packing magnets, motor magnets, neodymium magnets, self-adhesive magnets, stock magnets, and magnet toys, and including square magnets. Most of the magnets are made for industrial purposes although some of them are made for personal usages. All of the magnets are made of high-quality material along with SGS and ISO certifications which means the products have met an international standard. Because of that, the magnets are safe and durable enough to use for industrial purposes. Of course, you still have to read the instruction in detail to make sure that you use the magnet in the right way. This is because there are some conditions or actions which weaken the magnet and it is very dangerous.