Shipping Per Product Magento 2 Extension and Everything you need

The products vary in weight, design, and the way they are shipped and handled while shipping. So why should the shipping charges remain the same? The Magento 2 shipping extension is a solution that allows adding different shipping prices on different products. Magento 2 shipping extensions give sellers the freedom to decide the shipping price for products and also change them based on the location.

As a seller when you are conveying a delicate or massive item to the buyer, at that point it is your responsibility to get it delivered in great condition and you have to take additional consideration of the item depending on its condition. You may be sending the item by spending some extra charges and every item may require different transportation rates. Magento 2 shipping per product extension allows the admin to set the delivery cost for single items depending on the buyer’s area and can decide the visibility of various charges to the buyer when they check out the product.

What is Magento 2 Shipping Per Product?

The Magento 2 Shipping Per Product Extension gives you an alternative for front-end customization. From single delivery rates to default shipping rates, to the transportation estimation type, everything can be constrained by you. You should simply fill some data to accommodate your necessities. Conflicting or mistaken delivery charges collected on items bought from your website can be a serious threat to your image. Besides guaranteeing that every single item is given a single shipping charge can be a loss for you. Magento 2 module provides you with an extension with more features and benefits for your e-commerce website.

The shipping technique is one of the most significant components of a working e-commerce website with regards to fulfilling the client’s requirements. The seller needs to give the surety of delivering the product in good condition without charging high amounts. The buyer definitely will be paying shipping charges if they would be aware of how much extra shipping charge has to be paid. A buyer avoids hefty tasks while checking out products. The Magento modules assure to provide an easy and user-friendly product as a solution for both buyer and seller.

How does Magento 2 Shipping Per Product Work?

The admin empowers the Magento module extensions, they can set the title for the shipping method, enter the method name, and shipping price. The admin can set the shipping price for single items from the edit option. When the extension is all set, when the buyer adds the item in the cart, shipping per item gets charged while putting in the request. The client can check the shipping charge per item from the “My Account” section. The admin can check the same details from the Order View segment in the backend.

Configuration by the admin

  • Admin is allowed to enable or disable the Magento 2 shipping price extension.
  • They can set the title that will be displayed in the frontend.
  • Defining the shipping method.
  • Set the default price if it’s not defined by the seller.
  • Enter the handling charge of the product.
  • The admin has the right to select whose price will be calculated in the billing amount.
  • There is a choice that the product can be shipped to which countries.
  • Admin can allow the seller to manage the order from the front end. The seller can create tracking numbers, generate invoices, and shipment of the products.

Specify Default price for shipping

The admin can set the default price for shipping when the seller forgets or does not assign it to the product. This price will be automatically added to the selected product by the buyer and will be displayed to the user.

Set minimum and maximum margin for the shipping price

The Magento 2 module extensions allow us to set the minimum and maximum shipping price for the whole order, not on a single item. For example, if the admin decides to set the minimum value to 20, and even if your shipping charges add on to 15, it will be charged as 20.

Setting the highest shipping rate

Using this feature, when multiple products are added in the cart with different shipping charges, it will automatically calculate the highest shipping charge for the products.

Features of Magento 2 Shipping Per Product

The Magento 2 shipping per product extension has certain user-friendly features like:

  • The seller is free to add different shipping prices for the individual item.
  • The admin can update shipping prices.
  • If there are multiple items in the cart with the different shipping price, then each shipping price would be added to the billing amount.
  • The seller has a liability to add packing slip address, VAT, Invoice, and tax information.
  • If the seller doesn’t add the shipping price, then the default price added by the admin gets evaluated in the billing amount.
  • The tracking number can be added by the seller and saved.
  • The codes can be optimized as per the requirements of the user.
  • The checkout page will display the shipping price.

Benefits of Using Magento 2 extensions:

  • It’s easy to integrate and use.
  • Easily configured by the seller and admin.
  • The default rate helps if the seller forgets to add it for a product.
  • Different shipping charges for each product.
  • The minimum and maximum margin for the shipping price.
  • Selecting the countries for shipping products.
  • Freedom to set custom tile and method name displayed in the frontend.
  • Setting the error message when the product is not available.

Magento 2 shipping per product extension is a genuine escape for the seller when it comes to deciding the price tag on the shipping of the products. It helps to provide a user-friendly e-commerce website, where the buyer does not have to go through a long process while buying a product. It’s the seller’s choice to decide the shipping price whether the product is light, heavy, or shipped to a distant place. Shipping price per product Magento 2 brings you a step closer to the ease of access to the products and their pricing. For more queries, we are ready to help you build and bring a solution to your problems.