Recently we have been getting quite a few emails regarding cheating in online games. People have been using game hacks to make themselves invincible and get weapons quicker.

There is most certainly a lot of online games where cheating is occurring. Some of the games where cheating is apparent are on some of the most reputable games online. Dota 2 had its fair share of cheating with Phantom Assassin. You could walk into internet shops that sold the cheat for the hero that made an already hard to kill carry have a critical strike of 100%.

One player with this PA hero could wipe out an entire team if they farmed well and managed to combine this with the cheat. I personally watched people in internet shops win game after game using the cheat. I had to wonder how many other people in Asia must be winning using this cheat.

Other games such as Counterstrike have also been subject to cheats. Another game where hacks are for sale. These include Aimbots that are basically tools that can be used to make sure that you never miss a shot. Although Counterstike is a team game, it is quite annoying when people claim to be great players when all they are doing is buying a cheat that takes advantage of a glitch in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Hack, Battlegrounds, and Battlefield Cheats and hacks have also been created so people can cheat at these games. Aimbots, map cheats, and even cheats that clear the bad weather to give players better visibility have been created on these games.

Why are these games not more secure?

One of the reasons these players get away with cheating is because they can create multiple accounts via the use of VPN software. This means they go undetected most of the time because the VPN server blocks requests from the game server that is searching for possible cheats. 

The designers are probably blissfully aware of these cheats or have designed the games with code that cannot detect these cheats. Also, the way the game is delivered to player’s computers makes it difficult to add a cheat guard between the player’s computer and the connection to the game server.

Games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and Dota 2 are all delivered with security built in to detect cheats. Eventually, as with the Phantom Assassin Cheat that we mentioned, the game company will pick on the cheat and ban accounts using it. This was the case with a few heroes like Invoker who could use map cheat to use Sunstrike, which was short lived. In fact, the only cheat to plague Dota 2 constantly is Phantom Assassin – it keeps coming back.

You should report cheats

One of the best ways to make sure games are safe is to report usernames of people that you think are cheating. It may take a while before the gaming company finally gets enough reports and discovers the cheat, but at least you are part of the active community by reporting cheaters.

One of the biggest problems with online gaming is that not enough people use reporting features to let the gaming companies know about cheats, and this is something they should 100% do.