The RRB NTPC examination is conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board for placing the deserving candidates in different designations of the Indian Railways. The NTPC examination is one of the leading competitive examinations in India where a large number of graduates appear.

The candidates often face problems in keeping track of the vast syllabus of the RRB NTPC. Here, you can go through the NTPC exam pattern as the section-wise details of the RRB NTPC syllabus.

Details regarding the syllabus can help you to keep a track on your studies and enhance the chances for you to crack the examination. However, before you go through the section-wise details of the RRB NTPC syllabus, it is vital for you to know the exam pattern.

RRB NTPC Exam: The Pattern

Keeping in mind the accessibility of the candidates, the details regarding the exam pattern is given in the tabular form below:

RRB NTPC Examination- CBT-I

Subject/Sections No. of Questions Total Marks Duration
General Intelligence and Awareness 30 30 90 minutes
Mathematics 30 30
General Awareness 40 40

So, from the above table it is quite clear that the total examination is on 100 marks

RRB NTPC Examination- CBT-II

Subject/Sections No. of Questions Total Marks Duration
General Intelligence and Awareness 35 35 90 minutes
Mathematics 35 35
General Awareness 50 50

The RRB CBT-II examination will be held on 120 marks.

It is advised to all candidates avoid attempting a question which you might think is wrong. Although there is no news regarding the negative marking, one should not take any risk.

RRB NTPC syllabus: Section-wise

Here, the section-wise syllabus of both the CBT-I and examinations of the RRB NTPC examinations is given in detail. As a candidate, you should cover the total syllabus and try to revise it in a proper manner.

CBT-I syllabus


The number system, fractions, decimals, LCM, HCF, Algebra, Trigonometry, simple and compound interest, time, work and distance, profit and loss, Statistics, Mensuration.

Reasoning and general intelligence:

Number and number series, surds, coding and decoding, similarities, operations, similarities, different mathematical operations and applications, Venn diagrams, syllogism, statement and conclusion, puzzles, data sufficiency, reasoning, graph interpretation.

General awareness:

All aspects of current affairs (especially Indian and global), basics of the subjects like geography, history and civics, the medieval and modern history of India, British Raj and independence fight.

Developments in India: Social, political, socio-economic, Indian polity, space development, applications

World organizations and their structures: UN, NAM, computer basics and applications, famous people of India, abbreviations, public and government organizations of India, flora and flora of India.

CBT-II syllabus


Problems on number system, advanced problems on arithmetics, BODMAS method, Algebra, Trigonometry, simple and compound interest (most things covered in the CBT I examination)

For reasoning, general awareness and general intelligence, the syllabus remains the same for the CBT II examination in case of the RRB NTPC syllabus.

Techniques to cover the RRB NTPC syllabus

There are different techniques on how you can easily cover the RRB NTPC syllabus. Following the techniques, you can cover the whole syllabus in the minimum time.

  • Fragmentize the syllabus

When you find the whole syllabus of the RRB NTPC examination, try to fragment it. This will help you to cover the full syllabus easily. You can also keep a separate writing time for each of the topics.

  • Cover the easy topics first

It will be more convenient for you to cover the easy topics first. If you do this, there will automatically be more time to cover the tougher portions of the syllabus. In case of tougher topics, you can take more time to cover them.

  • Consider covering the basics 

It is always expected from the candidate to cover the syllabus right from the ground level. In case of facing any problem, a candidate can refer to the NCERT textbooks. It will be a wise idea to cover subjects like history, geography, English and civics books from the class VIII level.

  • Taking guidelines

The aspect of taking guidelines to cover the RRB NTPC syllabus fully remains in the hands of the candidate. If you want to take the guideline, seek an expert who is well aware of the syllabus of the RRB NCPT. You will always get an advantage to get your confusion clarified and problems reviewed when it comes to the problems.

The Indian Railways is one of the leading government sectors that provides the jobs to most civilians residing in the country. However, the examination is highly competitive. A person can get disqualified at any stage of the selection process while competing in minute fractions of the marks.

If you are desiring to appear for the RRB  NTPC examination, it is advisable to start preparing the RRB NTPC syllabus right from the basics. You can always choose the NCERT books to start on with your preparations.

As only MCQ questions will be there in the examination, you can practice time management thoroughly. Giving the MCQ answers might seem easy but you must always make sure to put the correct option on the OMR sheet. Furthermore, it is crucial for you to carefully enter the preferred zone from where you desire to give the examination. Otherwise, there are high chances for you to get an examination centre that is quite far away from your place. It is expected that all the candidates should follow the exam norms put by the RRB.