Barcodes have been around since the late 1940s. While the barcode technology was made a part of daily life in the mid-70s, the idea that an inventory tag can be scanned has been a dream for all the supermarket owners since at least the 1960s. Retail stores are no exemption, just like all other stores owners the retailers also use QR Codes in several ways. Without an efficient way to track the inventory and products, the retailers would suffer a lot of frauds and losses. Most retailers make use from QR code generator with logo to personalize their QR codes and have better scanning rates.

Retailers and Qr codes:

Following are some examples showcasing the use of QR codes effectively in the retail industry:

  • Just like the famous Amazon Go, QR codes can permit the operators to stroll calmly in the store. They can simply select and pick the things they require need and exit. The deductions are finally made from the Amazon
  • There are several famous retailers who use QR codes to simplify the day-to-day life of the masses, for example, the Indian Walnut Store and their employment of QR coding stand The QR Code grocery store in Bengaluru has caught the attention of so many other retail businesses. By scanning the QR codes on smartphones, the customers have started to enjoy the cumbersome task of grocery shopping.
  • Similarly, giant retailers like Walmart, the QR codes can be used to have more and more interaction with the customer.
  • The famous Starbucks has taken the inspiration from the famous Dunkin’ Donuts. Starbucks has made utilization of the QR codes for mobile payments.
  • Along with one of the quickest growing footprints in brick-and-mortar retail, Dollar General is also scheduling a series of growth strategies in the near future. For example, the customers shall scan a QR at checkout to make a payment.
  • Zippin also is a huge name in the retailing world. They have exhibited the usage of the QR codes. These QR code scanning can play a very important role in the totally technology-driven stores of the upcoming times. As soon as the customers go inside the store to shop, the very first thing they would be required to do is to scan a QR code from their phone at a glass barrier set at the entry.
  • Venmo as well as PayPal both are providing the choice of using an exclusively recognizable QR code to update the payments process in their startups. So, for instance, if you have picked up the lunch bill, you can very conveniently send out this QR code. This can be done through a Slack or email. It is possible for your co-workers and even your colleagues to simply scan the code to pay you back for the favor you did.
  • QR codes have a huge potential for marketing in retail you can see brands as Decathlon using qr codes in their stores for marketing and to generate more sales by applying a offline to online strategy it boosted their sales with 20%. Customers can scan and order goods in the store to have them delivered at their home.

Giant names in the retail business have already succumbed to the idea that QR coding is a new tool for uplifting their business in an entirely unique manner. Along with being safe and secure, these codes are very well working for the ease as well as stress-free shopping experiences for the busy customer of today.

This process is giving millions of consumers confidence with the ease and security of using QR codes for payments. By increasing the adoption of QR code-based payments, this scan-to-pay practice is thriving all over the world. A great qr code generator for retail is QRzebra as brands can personalize their QR codes.