Gear is an important component of your success as a competitive gamer, especially if you play precision-based games like first person shooters. Having a clunky, unreliable, and laggy mouse will negatively impact your ability to play well. On the other hand, having a top-notch gaming mouse could really boost your skills after mere minutes of getting used to it. And this is only the beginning.

1. Aim like a pro

Are you familiar with the term DPI (dots per inch)? In the gaming community, this is a well-known metric and one of the most important factors when selecting a new mouse to purchase. Without getting too technical, the higher the number, the more sensitive the mouse is going to be to your movements. In practical terms, this means you’ll be able to aim much better, which is of critical importance in first person shooters.

If its DPI settings are adjustable, you will truly benefit from it. This is because if you love to use sniper rifles, you can set it to a lower DPI for the time being, which should allow for better timing and more precise shots.

2. A gaming mouse is designed to withstand heavy-duty usage

Whether you’re using a wireless gaming mouse or the wired one, if it’s not made to last, seeing it start to fall apart is only a matter of time. Moving it around and aggressive clicking all contribute to this, but during the intense gameplay, the circumstances simply don’t allow for worrying about these kinds of things (you should be focusing on winning the match).

A well-built gaming mouse will also be durable enough to withstand an accidental collision with another object (as well as falling off the table). This sort of thing is not as important when using your mouse for everyday tasks, but when it comes to gaming, it’s a very welcome thing to have.

3. It will fit in your palm like it was custom-tailored

If you’re serious about gaming, spending hours upon hours in front of a computer screen is probably not too foreign to you. During all this time, you’re going to be moving your hand and clicking a whole lot, and if the mouse is not designed with ergonomics in mind, your hand will likely get tired.

In this particular area, you’ve got a choice. You could go for a gaming mouse specifically designed to fit the palm grip, the claw grip, or the fingertip grip. This depends on the shape of your hand and the way you tend to hold the mouse while playing. But the most important takeaway is that generic computer mice are often shaped in a generic way that simply holds back your gaming potential.


Using a new gaming mouse takes a little bit of getting used to, but you should be able to see the difference in mere moments. In the end, good gaming gear is only the basis for getting truly good at the first person shooter of your choice, and countless hours of practice are likely to follow before seeing any substantial results. The secret formula to success definitely includes both.