Whenever the possession of an automobile is exchanged in New York State, it must undergo a safety examination at a DMV-licensed inspection facility every twelve months. Your car must have a genuine NY state inspection certification. Inspections are valid until the final day of the period indicated on the inspection card.

For Cars and Light Trucks

The New York State auto safety assessment program ensures that every automobile licensed satisfies the essential criteria for secure usage on open roads and motorways. Furthermore, most cars are subjected to emissions testing to assist decrease pollution levels.

A well-maintained car is perfectly safe, functions more extended, consumes less fuel, and benefits cash. You may contribute by conducting your machine security checks between yearly examinations and according to the company’s suggested vehicle service program.

If your car does not have a valid inspection?

If your car doesn’t even have a legal examination, you will be unable to extend your license and may face a fine. In addition, you may be issued a parking permit.

New York State Vehicle Inspection Requirements:

Commercial vehicles in New York State are expected by legislation to be in proper working order anytime they are operated on a busy road or route. Therefore, each automobile registration in New York State is required to be checked at least once every 12 months. The examination must be performed before the existing inspection permit expires but whenever the automobile is titled under a change name.

Whenever a vehicle examination is required, an inspection facility shall examine any automobile it is licensed to explore or give an examination time within eight days of work in writing. If a date is scheduled, the operator may request a deposit not to exceed the examination cost. The examination must be completed by a professional commercial vehicle assessor in a licensed service center with an official sign.

If your automobile misses the safety and environmental tests, the examination station must obtain your approval before proceeding with modifications.

What if I purchased a car from a private vendor (not a dealer)?

If you purchase or get a car from somewhere other than a seller licensed with the New York State DMV, you will be granted a 10-day examination delay from the time of registering. This is because the prior registrant’s examination is no longer valid.

What if I recently relocated to New York and registered my automobile here?

If your car was listed in another county that requires an examination permit, you do not need to get it inspected right away. Your out-of-state examination is adequate until it ends or for one year from the day of certification, whatever comes sooner. Once your out-of-state inquiry passes, you have to get your examination done in New York State.


Every 12 months, all cars enrolled in New York State must undergo a security and emission levels examination. The New York State Examination Standards may be found here. Both investigations are also necessary when transferring possession of a car. (Emissions checks are not required for all vehicles.) In addition, Dunn Tire is a state-approved automobile inspection facility in New York.