People often prefer to listen to the music through the headphones and earphones. Don’t you? The craze is among the youngsters who search day and night for the branded headphones. They feel as if the headphones are fashionable and enhance their look. It is quite true according to the new trends of the markets. Finally, the solution has come to the market. From a long time, people have been waiting for the launch event of the Jaybird.

Jaybird is one of the reputed companies dealing in the consumer electronics owned by the Logitech. The company is highly efficient to design and manufacture the trendy and classy headphones and wearable activity trackers. In the year of 2107, the company has finally launched the two new branded products: freedom 2 and wireless headphone in the recent meeting held in Sydney.

The company has added the two new pairs of the wireless headphones to its lineup early this month. The company has the first time introduced the wireless ear buds to the markets. The price of the two new products was also announced. The cost of the Jaybird ear bud is $179, and freedom 2 costs $149. The company has announced the Jaybird earbuds for sale from October. The Jaybird ear buds are sporty and look attractive.

First time in the history of the company, they are introducing the wireless sports headphones that are completely different from the other brands. The speciality of the product is that it works well while running as well as in the active mode. The ear buds provide complete security to the user while running, jumping, and bouncing or while continuously moving.

The reports from the top runners of the world have reported that the new jaybird ear buds work well without any damage and crashing of sounds. These ear buds are highly reliable and sweat prone. They have very good water resistance capacity due to the double hydrophobic coating used by the developers. The coatings are tiny with low profile package. The surprise events of the company have shocked the customers and have finally stopped their curiosity.

About Jaybird headphones

Jaybird earbuds charging capacity has highly the large volume of customers. The battery life is quite appreciable as it provides a four-hour battery along with the two spare charges in the earbuds. The earbuds use the Bluetooth all the way instead of the near magnetic Induction between the two buds. Another best part of the device is about the Bragi and the other parts that ensure about the constant connection between the earbuds.

The cost of the Jaybird earbuds is $159 above the Apple set. The Jaybird RUN control button is highly appreciated by the athletes as they have no problems while receiving the call during the running time. They feel more energetic and fresh while listening to the songs from the earbuds that provides smooth sounds with clarity and avoids the external sounds. The Jaybird RUN button allows the user to control the entire phone calls only through a single button.

They just need to press the button while picking the calls, can easily start the music, stop the track in the middle and also can activate the Google Assistant. The Jaybird RUN true wireless sporty headphones are now coming in two colours: Jet (black with silver metal coat) and drift (white with silver metal coat). Apart from the other headphones, the Jaybird earbuds cancel all the external noise and only focus on the songs.

While riding the bike in hundred of speed, still the earbuds will not lose its efficiency and provide the maximum volume to the rider eliminating all the sounds coming from the external source. The earbuds when charged just for five minutes, they can retain the charge for more than one hour, even when played continuously. Alike the other companions, the Jaybird also has the app that allows the user to customize the sound signatures and built the “find my buds” functions easily. After the use of these products, one can know the real value of it.

About Jaybird freedom 2

The next product of the event was the Jaybird earbuds freedom 2, which is an update to the last year iteration. The demand of the freedom 2 is still high as it is the best wireless headphones that run very well behind the heads, easily connects to the Bluetooth and also offers double durable battery to the customers.

The water resistance capacity, bigger drivers and the sound quality of the RUN earbuds had allured the eyes of the customers on the release date. The earbuds are still sleek and small. They are now coming in the swappable earbuds tips and wings which are easy to tighten or loose according to the need of the user. Jaybird earbuds best buy from the online apps as well as from the nearest shops from October.