Traditionally Mobile Workstations also known as (WOWs / EMR Carts) are designed and used in the medical field to get the clinician closest to the patient for accurate and immediate documentation. The powered mobile computer cart is often considered the workhorse of every clinician. At Omnimed, we offer a wide range of powered and nonpowered cart solutions to fit every budget, need, and workflow both professional and personal. 

Today’s world is much different than just a year ago, with the Covid-19 pandemic raging in the United States most if not all employees capable of working from home currently are. This of course creates another set of problems and issues in terms of your home ergonomic setup for business. Thousands of people have turned to Omnimed’s mobile workstations to accommodate computer towers, printers, projectors, and other electronic devices now all lugged back to the employees’ home(s). We offer Mobile/Laptop and medical-grade workstation carts. Omnimed’s Laptop carts offer a simple platform for notebooks & small devices like tablets. They are suitable for school or office many models feature adjustable shelves to accommodate people of any height. These can also be used in tandem with office chairs for creating an optional sit-and-stand desk. Our Mobile Workstations are equipped with the same attributes as laptop stands, but with a few added features. These are designed to support more than a simple notebook. Extra shelving accommodates computer towers, printers, projectors, and other electronic devices. Rolling desktops also provide maximum mobility in an all-in-one solution. Omnimed’s Medical/ EMR carts fulfill the need for immediate point-of-care accessibility. In addition to keyboard trays and lots of cabinet storage, what sets these movable fixtures apart from the rest are the monitor mounts. The move from paper to digital archiving has made these rugged carts essential equipment in today’s fast-moving healthcare environment. It’s also important to mention the high-quality American Made steel construction.

There are also the proven health benefits of standing versus sitting. It improves energy and mood and is also more likely to boost an employee’s productivity.  Sitting is now hailed as the new smoking. Studies show strong connections between extended periods of physical inactivity and health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, muscle degeneration, and even cancer. Sitting for just five hours a day can increase your risk by 50%. The average American sits for about 9 hours a day – more than the average 7.7 hours of sleep we get each night.