Magento has been an amazing tool for online merchants for quite some time. In 2018 the number of developers using the platform has risen, and the Magento team launched version 2.3 at the end of the year.

This new version also brings new features and tools that proved to be very useful for both developers and clients and it should deliver high quality experiences. Let’s see what version 2.3 of Magento has to bring for magento developers.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Studio

Mobile shopping has become increasingly popular in the past years. Since smartphones have evolved a lot, it has become a lot easier to purchase various items directly from your phone. Therefore, merchants must make sure that they are able to deliver satisfying mobile experience to their customers.

Progressive Web App development is needed in order to accomplish that. Magento version 2.3 comes with its PWA studio. There you will find all the features and tools that you need in order to deliver high quality results for mobile.

Enhancing mobile commerce comes with numerous benefits. For example, it has been showed that SEO will also be improved and the conversion rates will go up by 50%. The same thing will happen with the overall page performance.

More than that, the Magento team promises to deliver constant updates and improvements to the Progressive Web App Studio. This is good news good news for everyone. Developers will have more tools that they can use, customers will be pleased with the experienced delivered by the app and profit will go up for merchants.

Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) has evolved

Version 2.3 comes with several enhancements for Multi-Source Inventory (MSI). It is important to manage inventory properly, and this function helps you do it. More than that, it brings all inventories together. This means that you can keep track of inventory across multiple locations.

A merchant can also decide the quantities and products for every fulfilment source. This can also be done for stores, distribution centres, warehouses or even drop shippers which are third party, which makes things a lot more organised. Integration with third-party inventory systems is also possible.

What about merchants with just one single inventory? Well, Multi-Source Inventory can also help them. This tool helps them keep track of quantity. The system also makes it simple to keep track of product stock deductions when it comes to selling something.

Other updates

This new version brought other small updates as well. For example, new security has been added. They will help you keep the store safe and tools such as Two Factor Authentication and Google ReCAPTCHA are used in order to avoid fake logins.