With new developers coming in hot with new software/web apps launching daily, working full time as a web developer has now become something of race against time. Meeting deadlines, getting the bugs looked after, testing the actual app, making sure it’s compatible with each iteration of an environment. It’s a pretty tight and straining task and with competitors hot on your trail, wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could simply automate some of the process? We are in 2019 and if the technology is available, only a fool would avoid a chance to get work done quickly and more efficiently. We’re looking at one such service today, a service that helps you remotely test your web apps cross browser compatibility or more simply put, test out how well your application will work on different versions  or builds of different browsers on different operating systems. A lot of options there isn’t it? Well that’s exactly what LambdaTest is good at. Providing its users with multiple options on how they’d like to set up their testing environment, giving multiple options when it comes to operating systems, browser, browser version, resolution. And it doesn’t simply stop there. You also have the option to test out how your app will work on mobile browsers on iOS and Android devices. Now without wasting much time, let’s head in and take a deeper look at the feature set of LambdaTest.


One of the most effective online compatibility testers offered online!

With a field that basically hasn’t really been around for an extended time, you’d be shocked to see how competitive it already is with the online compatibility testers. However LambdaTest shines bright amongst those competitors entirely on the quantity of choices you get wherein testing out your service. We’re not talking plain numbers here, we’re talking regarding taking that overtime to make certain you get the optimum results despite what browser/environment y’all choose for you testing session.

Test up on all the newest versions or builds of your favorite browsers.

Did you know, with Google Chrome alone there are four totally different builds that you just can test your web app on? We’re talking about different builds of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera and multiple others. Do you really want to sit around and test compatibility on each and every one of them manually? Yeah, we thought so! With LambdaTest you get to run a test in real time in 2000+ computer environments making it a much easier task for you.

The ability to test out on completely different mobiles with different resolutions

Aside from Windows and mac you’ll conjointly take a look at out your app on completely different browsers on different mobiles on each iOS and Android! Pretty sweet right? You can choose from a large vary of devices that include the standard brands like Apple Samsung,Google, Sony, LG, One Plus, HTC, Amazon, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, Oppo and Vivo. With the inclusion of of these phones additionally comes the various resolutions you’ll try on every variation.

Take screenshots real time or automatically

The way you see your results when you use LambdaTest is via the automated screenshot feature that take full res screenshots of your test results and lets you revisit them once you’re done. With packages starting from just $15 and a free month long trial available on their website there no real reason as to why you won’t actually give LambdaTest a try. If you’re looking for something like that of course. Head over to www.lambdatest.com and get testing today!