You have surely heard about spying devices? Well, spying has been around for decades and not only in the Hollywood movie reels but in real life too. The more “intel” you can collect, the better are your chances of winning the battle be it a political one or a domestic one. Are you interested in spy devices like the James Bond movies? You will be amazed to know that there are various devices in reality that you can use for spying purposes.  

Here in this article, our experts have compiled a list of 10 spy devices that keep with the trend for the current year. Now you can feel like your favorite spy hero in reality. However, there is one consideration of the legalities of the matter to keep in mind. Every individual has a right to protect his/her privacy. So it is essential that you understand the legal usage, right, and permission of using such a device depending upon the state of your residency.

You can obviously exercise the power that comes with information but do so responsibly. So let us have a look into the various spy devices,

  1. Audio recorder with USB

It is a very common sight to be carrying around a flash drive or a USB drive. But don’t get fooled by the innocent looks of this spy device. The USB drive audio recorder comes fitted with a powerful recording device capable of recording high quality audio. Spy on conversations and meetings and you can store the recorded file in your personal computer through the USB connectivity.  

  1. Audio recorder pen

This one is straight out of spy novels. The audio recorder pen works the same way as the audio recorder flash drive. A very powerful audio recorder is fitted in the body of the pen, and the user can record conversations and business deals without alerting the unsuspecting targets. If you want to know more about your options for various spying devices all you need to do is log in to

  1. Car tracker

In case of a theft, you need to track your car or might be that you need to track a target car. A car tracker is a perfect solution in such a scenario. The car tracker device comes in with an in-built GPS which can pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle at any point of time. All you need to do is look for a tracker with a strong magnet and preferably waterproof.


  1. The cellphone spy reader

A cellphone spy reader is your one of a kind option to spy on handheld devices. These are priced with respect to the number of features on offer. This spy reader can be used to keep tabs on kids and family members. You can spy on social media site logins as well as phone calls and text messages.

There are two different options available to you in case you are going for the cellphone spy reader. You can go for the third party apps to spy on the device or you can use the hardware device to scan the SIM card of the target phone which will provide any information regarding calls, duration and text messages.

  1. Key chain spy camera

A key chain spy camera can be convenient when in case of a roadside mugging or a carjacking. A micro camera fitted in the key chain makes this device capable of clicking images as well as recording video footage with audio.

  1. Spy camera glasses

Google Glass failed to impress in terms of sales and popularity. Instead, you can go for the lighter version available for the spy camera glasses. These are overpriced like the Google glass and have practical usability. The biggest advantage of using a spy camera glass is that no one will suspect a single thing since it is a very common sight of seeing someone in glasses. The video recording capability is dependent on the make and model of the device, but you can expect anything over 120 minutes.

  1. Button camera

A very Hollywood inspired device here, a spy camera is mounted in a button and it can record conversations, take pictures and videos. The gadget requires a bit of practice, and expert handling for the spying to go as unobtrusive as possible.

  1. A Socket spy camera

Do you want to own a motion sensor spy camera which looks just like a power socket? The best part is this isn’t even running on batteries once you get in installed. It will draw all its power from the main AC line-in at your property or wherever you want to install it. It is an ideal device to fool the target since it resembles the power socket in looks. There is a powerful micro-camera fitted within the body which can take high-resolution images and video recordings.

  1. The drone camera

The very popular drone cameras are usually employed in combat situations by the armed forces and law enforcement. It resembles a toy so when you are flying one around after having invested heavily in it, chances are the neighbors will think you are having just a bit of fun.

The drones are capable of the long duration of flights and can operate at very high heights. Always go for a stable flight drone so that the images appear crystal clear. You can attach different cameras including HD, 4K or the low-resolution ones depending o your requirement.

  1. The alarm clock spy camera

This one is quite similar to the power socket spy camera. Here a micro-camera is fitted within the housing of the alarm clock, and it comes with a motion sensor. The device has remote control access depending on the price variety you go for. The device is ideal for video, audio, and images in high definition.

That concludes the list for the 10 best spy devices for the current year. So which one will you choose? Read the reviews on every option from trusted sources to make the right choice.