In the IT industry, there was an overload as people jumped on the bandwagon way back in the early year of the millennium. Back then IT workers managed to land large salaries while contract work in the industry was very much alive and well with hourly rates soaring. However, as more people jumped on the IT bandwagon, in less than a decade it becomes flooded with skilled IT workers. Salaries plummeted and IT contract jobs became rarer dissuading people from taking the IT career path.

Today, the IT sector is once again suffering from a shortage of skills. As economies grow, even at the steady rate they have been, more IT jobs are available in the job market. Blockchain tech plays its part in this as firms are taking the most skilled IT security workers to work on their blockchain projects while an increase in cyber fraud has led many companies to treat IT as a priority instead of operating at the lowest capacity possible

Here are some of the most in-demand skills for IT in 2021:

IT Security Specialist

As it costs more to recover from a cyber-attack than it does to hire an IT security specialist, companies are investing heavily in experts to help them secure their systems. This comes from the corporate level all the way down to small businesses that need to hire an IT contract firm to sure up their security systems. As a result, IT contract/services companies, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations are all in search of IT security specialists. Check out how IT security works online today by using blog where you will find tons of useful info.

Java Experts

As the online gaming industry and mobile, well everything, is so important to a website’s success, the IT sector has a huge demand for JavaScript and Java coding experts. This niche sector of IT is short on skills across the globe making not only a high-paid job but one that could help you broaden your horizons and work overseas.

 HTML5 Experts

Once again, with mobile responsive websites and applications a must for online success these days, HTML5 experts are also in hot demand. There is not as much of a skills shortage in this industry niche compared to Java experts, but it is on par with the shortage of skills in the IT security specialist’s area of IT. In fact, JavaScript uses HTML5 as a transport protocol to function on the World Wide Web hence this job area in the IT sector is now booming.

Blockchain Specialists

Having a deep understanding of multiple coding languages could land you an extremely well-paid job with a company that specializes in blockchain tech. Once you have your foot in the door, there is a career path that will only keep on expanding as blockchain technology takes its foothold on an evolutionary change in the way IT systems work.