Whether it is about heavy rains or the scorching heat of the Sun, a house faces everything periodically. When we look at these aspects in the long run, they affect the quality of your home. These are the reasons when someone buys an old house they prefer to renovate the house for the safety of their family and not to ignore giving it a better modern look. Renovating your home adds more value to it by enhancing its quality. 

The modern interiors and the latest household items make your life easier at the same place. These are some of the simple facts why people decide to renovate their house. Now that you have understood these facts let us look up what you need to keep in mind while renovating your house

Checklist before finalizing the renovation Plan

These are some of the crucial points you should keep in mind before finalizing your checklist for your house’s renovation. Though these are vital points to keep in mind, most people still forget to care for them. So, let us check them out –

  • First of all, plan out your budget, then start your plan accordingly
  • Check for any water seepage or dripping rainwater inside the house
  • Mark all the spots showing signs of dampness like in kitchen/ sinks/ water pipes or cabinets
  • Do not forget to take care of the fungal spots
  • Do mark all the cracks in all of the walls
  • Check out for leaky pipes in Kitchen or bathroom
  • Take care of insect infestation 
  • Broken tiles
  • Very important to ensure a waterproof terrace
  • Make sure you get the old paint peeled off properly before reaching the walls plastered
  • This can be a good chance for your balcony renovation 
  • In the end, double-check all the locks and doors
  • Do a thorough inspection of your house so that you do not miss any correction 

Some More Important points to keep in mind

 Some other important points to keep in mind while renovating the house are :

  • Electrical wirings
  • Electrical switchboards
  • Power backup devices and their appropriate installation
  • Proper Fuse and additional safety guards

When it comes to security, you want to use the best products, especially for your electric appliances. You can prefer circuit breaker brands for their supreme quality circuit switches. You can learn more about them by visiting here.  

Further, always plan the renovation of your house because if anyhow it gets delayed till the rainy season approaches, you might have to bear huge losses. As you must know, construction is tough with rain. The Water also does not allow the plaster to dry out completely. 

It is also recommended to seek professional advice before you start the work. You can consult an experienced architect, along with a skilled contractor, electrician, mason, and plumber.  

Expect the Unexpected

It is an ironic secret which everyone knows that “every household has some secrets, in the walls, under the floor or elsewhere.” Remember, renovation can bring it to light. So, while fulfilling the desire of your dream house, be prepared for incidents like “your floors are uneven for your highly  aspired hardwood floors.” So, now you have one more job to get done. Let me remind you that this is just a single example, and there can be more than one in practice. Hence, it is advised to hold some spare time in hand right from the start of your plan. Also, focus on these extra repairments that need extra money. 

Refer Multiple Contractors

The simple reason you should refer to more than one contractor is that you will get a chance to compare their bids and choose the one that suits your budget. Without considering multiple contractors, you will always be at the risk of paying too much. Remember, all your hard work to visit and deal with all contractors pay you off later with less invested money in this field and a better result.

Always start with the Kitchen

Even the National Association of the Remodeling Industry suggested that you start the renovation of your house with the Kitchen. Practically as well, the maximum amount of dust and debris fly during your kitchen renovation. And you would not want your brand new paint to get covered with that dust. Also, we can not neglect the fact that kitchen renovation alone takes months. Hence, it is always a great idea to renovate your Kitchen first to avoid any further mess.

Divide and Conquer

As mentioned before as well, planning plays a significant role in the whole renovation journey. So, you can work on the divide and conquer strategy, under which you can divide a big and a small picture of the different parts of the house. If you start it all with the whole picture, you will brainstorm yourself with the requirements. So, you can write your end goals and then work step by step to achieve all of them. 

Common mistakes while Renovating the house

Though everyone tries their best to get the perfect dream house, there are still some prevalent mistakes you might be about to make. So, let us have a look at them –

  • Starting the renovation work too soon without a proper budget, design, and other aspects.
  • Underestimating the costs while planning the budget, which ends up leaving you overburdened with the added up costs.  
  • Expecting everything to be as per your plan, but as we have talked already, “Expect the unexpected.” 
  • Not taking expert advice and starting without a designer.
  • You are blinding choosing the lowest bid contractor. It would be best to act smartly while choosing the contractor to select not a very high binding contract but an efficient one. 
  • We are hiring an inexperienced professional in a hurry. 
  • You are not seeking references for your advisors and trusting them wholly. 
  • You are making it too late to hire a contractor or professional advice.
  • False acceptance to understand the design. You do not need to be ashamed, ask out all your doubts, it’s about your house. 
  • You are making too many changes in the way and adding up complications.
  • Working without a proper timeline.
  • Skipping the part to take care of the quality for everything.
  • Buying too oversized furniture and wasting the space. 


Further, you can refer to sources like architectural digest to avoid any mistakes while your home is being renovated. Referring to more than one source will help you get a clear vision and plan your renovation more effectively. Happy Renovation !!