Ancient Mathematics

Ancient Mathematics is often known as mathematical knowledge. It includes a list of mathematical rules, techniques or sutras, which the author introduced were actually retrieved from the Vedas and probably contained all the mathematical principles.

All these techniques can be used for problems involved in algebra, arithmetic, geometry, calculus, for example in linear differential equations and conics. Also, Ancient Mathematics contains a system of mathematical operations and reasoning techniques, which help us in performing various mathematical operations easily and effectively. The significance of Ancient Mathematics suggests that calculations can be carried out mentally, even though the methods can be written down. There are many advantages to using a flexible mental system.

Ancient Mathematics becomes unique due to the following advantages. This helps people in:

  • Solving mathematical puzzles 10-15 times faster
  • Intelligent guessing (that means getting the answer of the puzzles without actually solving them)
  • Reduces burden (need to learn tables up to 9 only)
  • Acts as a magical tool to reduce finger counting and scratch work also improves mental calculation
  • Increasing concentration
  • Improving the confidence of a person
  • Being unique, it brings instant recognition to its practitioner

The uses of Ancient Mathematics are vast. 16 Sutras and 13 sub-Sutras can also be applied to all the branches of mathematics. Research exhibits its applications in fast calculations (basic operations such as multiplication, division, squaring, square root, cubing, cube root), three-dimensional coordinate geometry, solution of a plane and spherical triangles, matrices and determinants, trigonometry, log and exponential.

Interest towards the ancient system is growing in an education system where teachers of maths are looking for something better; in such cases, Ancient Mathematics is the best approach that they found. Many people look forward to getting knowledge of ancient mathematics, since it is considered as the world’s fastest mental maths system. We know that abacus is suggested for children aged 4 to 14, whereas Ancient Mathematics is suggested for children of a higher age, as it requires some level of understanding of the rules.


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