If you rely on IT to get business done, the security of your infrastructure needs to be constantly updated. Without it, your data and the data of your customers are vulnerable. Hackers know how to make their way into any system, especially if the IT security is weak.

If you think your IT security is weak, it probably is. Technology is constantly changing, so you should evaluate the quality of the devices and systems you are using. It could be time to look at IT services done differently. These are four signs that you should invest in a cybersecurity upgrade:

  1. Your System is Slow

When you are trying to get business done and your computers are slow, it can be frustrating. Not just for you, but for your clients, too. If your computers are slow, you could have a problem with your IT infrastructure. The problem could be caused by old computers, software, or outdated storage. Older computers do not run new software well. All of these make your system vulnerable and need to be repaired quickly.

Along with making your system vulnerable, the slow system can reduce productivity and affect your bottom line.

  1. You Haven’t Started Using the Cloud

If you are only saving your data on your computers, you are behind the times. Backing up data to the cloud is the way to go in today’s dangerous cyberworld. When you use the cloud, everyone in your organization can work together and access the same information. This streamlines procedures that might slow your business otherwise.

You can also protect your data when you store it in the cloud. When you work from the cloud, your IT support company can set you up with cybersecurity, too.

  1. You’ve Been Hacked Before

If you’ve been hacked before, the odds are good you’ll be hacked again. Unless you can make some major changes to protect your business. Hackers know what to look for in a computer system, and they can follow trails from previous hackers. So, if you have been hacked, it’s time to upgrade your system into something extra secure. Your IT provider can help you set up a system that will keep everyone safe.

  1. Your Devices are Old

Sadly, computers are not built to last. So, if you are using a computer that you purchased more than five years ago, it is most likely out of date and easy to hack. Old computers are slow to boot and do not run new apps effectively. When computer companies make new computers, they often stop supporting the hardware; they stop sending updates. In some cases, cybersecurity measures do not support old computers, either.

If you haven’t updated your cybersecurity system in a few years, then it is technically old, too. Out-of-date software can easily be hacked, too. Even an older router can become susceptible to cybersecurity attacks. It can be expensive to replace everything at the same time, so consider putting your technology updates on a rotation that you can afford.