Whether your business sells a single product with a single campaign, a single product with multiple campaigns across multiple channels, or multiple products across multiple campaigns if the customer journey results in a telephone sales lead, your business can track exactly which campaign began the customer journey.

Below we list some of the ways Unified Communications (UC) solutions can help you collect invaluable data from each campaign:

Offsite Tracking & Testing: Using VPN software to test from offsite means you do not actually need to leave the office. Rather than creating a whole new network to test your system or go through the expense of setting up that new system, you can simply use VPN software. Using one of the VPN servers, you can log into a server with an IP from a different location in your country or from another country.

The VPN tech gives you the chance to track campaign calls coming from other locations by testing from those locations. One of the best services to find information on how to track this information is privacyenbescherming. The service helps you choose the best VPN with a huge number of server locations both domestic and overseas.

CRM Integration: Sales operators can create new records for new customers and update records on a CRM system for existing customers or repeat callers. Even if operators do not have the customer name, the system can log the caller’s telephone number creating a record of a call from that number. This makes for an excellent referencing system.

Campaign Call Routing: If your business has multiple campaigns, each one can have a specific call routing number. Either the call is routed automatically to the correct department or an operator can take the call and route the caller to the relevant marketing team.

Campaign-Specific Caller IDs: Whether your business has separate numbers for each campaign or an automated routing system allowing callers to select the campaign they are calling about; each campaign can have its own ‘Caller ID’. As a result, your sales personnel will know exactly which campaign the call is relevant to.

Interactive Voice Response: If your business has multiple campaigns, IVR is the perfect way to auto-answer sales calls with a pre-recorded response. Customers can select options or use a voice command to say which campaign they are calling about so the system can route the caller to the correct sales team. If using multiple phone numbers, each one can have a customized message, and you can tailor messages depending on the number called.

Mobile Sales Teams: The entire system can connect to sales personnel’s mobile devices so your sales team can still answer important campaign calls while on the move giving your sales team mobility.

There you have it. A complete solution that will help your business use VoIP tech to track your sales campaigns from both international markets and local markers. Also, the advantage of using VoIP is that your business can set up local numbers overseas so the caller does not have the burden of paying for overseas call charges.