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Technology has deeply penetrated every sector be it public, private or business. The most benefitted sector as per the impact and use of technology is surely the business world. Technology has been utilized by big Corporate as well as small business houses to leverage their business operations. One such technological advancement that is quickly making its presence felt is the virtual mailbox service that is helping businesses to go paperless and initiate their environmental sustainability programs.

The concept of virtual mailbox is not new but has caught the momentum recently by becoming the ideal choice for businesses who doesn’t want to waste their men power in handling stacks of Business Bulk Mail or Junk Mail received every day. The concept of virtual mailbox is quite simple but greatly helps in keeping a track of every mail received in a completely virtual but well managed environment. This makes it very easy for businesses to decide which mails are important to keep and which mails need to be shredded.

Virtual mailbox service simplifies business mails because with the help of a virtual street address the business mails are delivered to a pre-selected location from various available virtual addresses. You get the notification when any new mail arrives and you can check them all online. So with the help of virtual mailbox you need not to step away from your desk to get your mail.

So if you have made up your mind to know how virtual mailbox service works you have to first search for a reputed virtual mailbox service and have to subscribe to their service. To prevent you from identity theft they will ask you to fill out a postal consent form to receive the mails on your behalf. The form needs to be notarized with two forms of ID and have to be sent to your preferred virtual mailbox service provider. All these steps are taken because it is mandatory and required by the U.S. Postal Service to make sure that no one can reroute your mail without your consent. If any of this is confusing, stop by your local post office in Houston Texas to ask for more information.

Once your preferred virtual mailbox service provider receives your postal consent form they activate your account by providing you a unique customer ID which consists of all of your information. After completion of all the formalities the complete virtual cycle works like mentioned below:

  1. Your Mail Arrives

When your mail arrives addressed to your unique address at their facility, they identify it and tag it with your unique customer ID.

  1. You Get a Notification

They then sort the mail, scan it and makes an image of it and notify you online. The mail is stored in their facility until they receive your directions about what to do next.

  1. You Decide What’s Next

You then have the privilege of reviewing the image at your convenience no matter where you are and decide how you want the mail to be handled by the virtual mailbox service provider.

Beside this the virtual mailbox service provider offers you different options mentioned below:

  • At your direction, they can open your mail item and scan its full contents.
  • You can notify them if you want to receive the item and they will forward it to you.
  • If you don’t want the mail item you can simply delete it through your online account.
  • You can also notify them if you don’t want to receive the item but want it to be stored, they will take care of it.

Virtual mailbox service is a great way to manage business mails and use the men power for more productive works.