Deleting files or data is actually something common. Particularly if you find the hard disk is almost full, you indeed need to delete them as soon as possible. The problem is when the deleted data is actually still needed or important. What should you do, anyway? Is it possible to bring them back?

Recovering the lost files is really possible with the free data recovery software. Such files are available widely; one of them is Do Your Data Recovery Free. So, how to find it and how to do the recovery with it? Here are the steps.

Download and Install

First of all, make sure to find the right app. The Do Your Data software for recovery can be found on the official website of the product. There is the link button and the app automatically downloaded once you click it.

For the installation, double-click the app that has been installed. There is a window appeared. Read the instructions carefully and click the next buttons continuously until the software is successfully installed. Make sure to read the terms and conditions given and click the button “Agree” in the installation process.

Launch Software

There is an icon appeared after the software is installed. Click the icon to launch. There is a window with some options regarding the types or formats of files you want to recover. Those options are image, audio, video, document, email, and others. If the files to find are quite special, it means you must choose the option “others”. Follow it by clicking the “Next” button.

Choose the Location

Make sure you know well where you saved the files for the last time. It is better to know it specifically to ease and fasten the data recovery process. But you should not worry. If you cannot remember where it is saved or you cannot find the partition; maybe you have changed it, there are the options for those problems.

Indeed, for those two cases, you must work more and wait for a longer time. But interestingly, this software is able to guarantee that the deleted files will be found even with the minimum data you have.

Scan the Location

There are particularly 2 options of scanning, the surface and deep scanning. The surface scanning is a process to find the files longer but the files found are probably raw and there are still further options. This scanning method is suitable if you cannot remember the name of the deleted files.

Meanwhile, there is also the deep scanning in which you can search and find the specific files even along with the folders. Sure, you must remember the names well. Then, the software will help you to find them faster.

Preview the Files

After the scanning process is over, the files you are looking for simply appear. There are probably some files there, so, make sure to preview them before saving. Lastly, save the intended files in a specific folder and you can just use them for your necessity. So, are you interested to recover deleted files using Do Your Data?