There’s nothing as heartbreaking as infidelity in a committed relationship. Where it feels like you’ve put in a hundred percent and have avoided any temptation to be unfaithful to your partner. If you’ve been cheated on before, you understand how hard it is to trust again. Those emotional wounds never fully heal.

It becomes hard to discern between when you’re projecting and when your intuition is actually right. That’s why you need to be able to read the signs objectively via some apps like Cocospy to track your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing for free. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the signs to look out for and how you can actually confirm or dissuade your suspicions.

We’ll essentially show how you can become your own Private Eye with the use of a Smartphone application that can help you spy on your spouse or partner without them even knowing.


The Best Way to Find Out if Your Partner is cheating

It’s very easy to feel paranoid and crazy, especially when you’re hurting or scared. You have to find a way to anchor yourself. You don’t want to make a mistake and falsely accuse your partner of unfaithfulness.

If you have suspicions that your partner is cheating, you have to be able to gather some empirical evidence and facts to back your theory up, just like a scientist. If you can’t afford your own private investigator, the most affordable way you can track your partner’s movements is through a phone spy application like Cocospy.


What is Cocospy?

Cocospy allows you to monitor and spy on your partner’s mobile device without them even knowing. The application and user interface are very user-friendly. They provide you with real-time location data so you can keep tabs on your partner’s movements at all times.

You can also monitor their phone usage like who they message and who they call from their phones. If you see any suspicious calls or messages to strangers of the opposite sex, this is a huge red flag.

Cocospy has millions of users. It’s been recognized and has received acclaim from major blogs and websites like PC World, Forbes, Life Hacker, The New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Android Authority and many more.

It has versions for both Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.  What sets Cocospy apart from other tracking and monitoring apps is it allows you to view and monitor social apps such as FB, WhatsApp, Instagram or  Snapchat etc. without having to root or jailbreak your device.

So not only can you spy on your partner’s location, messages, and texts but if they have social media accounts, you can actually spy on what they do there. We all know that social media can be a hotbed for cheating.

In terms of detestability, Cocospy is near undetectable on devices that it’s run on. It has virtually no impact on system resources and it doesn’t even require you to install any apps on the iOS version. If you want to know more about Cocospy, please visit their website:

Top Five Signs that your partner is cheating

Now that we’ve gone through how you can find out if your partner is cheating or not, let’s goes through five signs that you should warrant your suspicions.


  1. Secretive phone and/or computer usage  

When your partner receives a phone call, does s/he leave the room? Do they make sure that their phones are locked and protected by a complex password or pattern? If you ask to use their phone, do they refuse and does it often end up in an argument?

Do they do the same with their computer? Do they delete browser history and make sure that all their social media accounts are logged out of before they close their web browser. If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then your spidery senses should be tingling right now.  


  1. There are periods when your partner cannot be reached

Are there periods when you and your partner lose contact completely and it’s become more frequent? When you try to call them, they don’t pick up or their phones are off. And they always seem to have an excuse, like they were in a meeting or driving. This is not a good sign.


  1. Improved Appearance

This one sounds a bit strange. But if your partner suddenly changes the way they look or dress, it might be an indicator of them trying to court someone else. Yes, sometimes partners do try to look good for you but if they’re pretty much the same around you and only look good when they go out or go to work, this could be a huge red flag for you.


  1. Unexplained Expenses

Have you noticed strange expenses on your partner’s credit cards? Have you noticed that they seem to be going over budget or accrued some debts? Are there expenses for restaurant and fast food places? Have you noticed any old hotel cards or trip expenses? This could all be a very bad sign. You might as well start looking for the exit door in your relationship.


  1. A change in sexual behavior

If your partner is less intimate with you, it could be a sign of boredom in the bedroom or it could be a sign of cheating. Cheating doesn’t always result in less sex, sometimes it can actually result in more sex. Sometimes, your partner may try to cover up their infidelity by having sex with you more.

Another sign of them cheating is that they’re introducing and incorporating new techniques into your lovemaking. Pay attention to what they say during copulation, they may call out the wrong name or use sex (dirty) talk that they have never used on you before.



Other signs may include new unwarranted hostility, an altered schedule, their friends acting strange around you and discomfort when the topic of cheating comes up. It should be noted though, that your partner could be exhibiting all these signs but still not be cheating. That’s why you need to find a way to unequivocally prove that they are.

Once you confirm that they have cheated, it’s important to seek advice or counseling before confronting them or making a decision. I know it can be hard starting over but if it comes to do that, you can do it. Remember, you deserve more than being lied to or treated like a fool. You deserve the same compassion and love you give out. Stay strong.