YouTube is the new way of finding information, confirming certain news, watching shows, and reviewing a product’s quality before buying. It is the new way of binging videos; many people spend hours on end watching funny videos, stand-ups, and funny vines without getting bored. That is the magic of YouTube.

Whenever you search for a specific YouTube video, there are thousands of results displayed on it. That is the SEO optimization and YouTube algorithm searching for the outcome best suited for you. The algorithm only shows results if the keyword search marches your content and the ones that have the most engagement rate: likes, dislikes, and views.

Many digital marketing agencies pride themselves on creating qualitative content, keyword searching, graphic insertion, and high-end video editing to insert motivational factors to get more traffic towards their channels and websites. In today’s digital marketing age, content is king; it wouldn’t matter if you paid for views; there would be more engagement if the content is qualitative.

That is why today, we will be looking at ways to enhance your video’s rate of showing up on the front page’s search results. Although there is one thing to remember, the results won’t be immediate and will take a month or three, be consistent. Here are:-

  1. Based on Keyword Optimization

Keyword Optimization is one of the best things when it comes to creating content. Many digital marketing agencies use it to optimize their content and direct traffic to their websites. It is the most useful thing one can do to promote one website without paying money for advertisements, and freelancers to fix themselves to bait some people into clicking on their website.

Even on YouTube, keyword optimization is an important thing. YouTube categorizes your search on the most popular videos, but that can be changed if you include the correct keywords in the video title. You can always optimize by looking at the first autocompleted search result that pops up, which could help you design a label that is well suited for your video and directs engagement.

Use keywords in proper areas and sparingly, once in the title, description, and the video tags. If you use them everywhere, just like in written articles, you will not direct traffic that much. Spamming keywords will not get views; it will decrease your overall presentation of your channel too. Optimize only up to specific standards.

2.Considering Watch Time

Not to be confused with the video’s duration, this tip helps YouTube organize the video based on how much time a user spends on the video. Various things categorize the popular videos, but the time a user spends on the video, also known as retention rate, is also quite an important one.

Many YouTube channels fill their videos with loud music and long transitional durations to get more retention rates on their videos. This is wrong in itself, but the user might not trust the channel or its content from there on out. That is why most content creators and old users prefer to see the video’s primary purpose at the start itself.

If your user retention rate is more, your chances of appearing at the top of the search bar increase. After watching your video, the user subscribing the like and dislike ratio, the comment section engagement, and the number of video shares.

Be on the lookout for all these statistics regarding creating content; any of these factors can hinder your progress whenever starting to increase your engagement rate. These will make and break if you do not use them correctly; it evidently comes down to the qualitative content you produce.

3.Engagement Through Promotion

Promoting your video through social media shares, ink shares, and putting them in articles of your own is a great way to increase your website’s traffic and get high engagement rates on YouTube. It is evident that shares are essential because beginning content creators have no other way to make their content be watched unless they have an established friend or influencer in the stream.

Cross promotions are always possible while interacting with other channels, so collaborations between two creators get many views, and their engagement rate increases. These things often lead to one channel’s subscribers following the others and vice versa. 

It is useful for beginners to share their videos with friends and family; this can boost your count. It is mighty helpful if your How-To videos and product reviews are published in individual articles and are promoted on various websites. It gives a massive boost to the engagement rate and your channel’s ranking.

There is a high chance of your video showing up for that specific keyword too. The algorithm will detect the rate increase and will eventually mark your video as qualitative. Promotion through link building is a massive part of the ranking and engagement system.

51% of US adults are watching YouTube to figure out how to do things they haven’t done before. 28% watch it to pass the time. 19% watch reviews to find out if a particular product is worth buying or not. The other 19% watch it for news, new happenings, and find out different things worldwide.

Here’s an interesting one: The average YouTube watch session lasts for up to 40 minutes! Even if a million people watch for 40 minutes, that’s a month’s revenue in a day! This particular statistic says that more than 70% engagement of videos comes from mobile users!

4.Completing Video Optimization

We have talked a lot about keyword optimization, now let’s talk about the video and the contingent itself. The video will only get views and retention time if the quality and the topic is impressive, do not concern yourself with the production budget if you’re a beginner. Just make sure the issue you are choosing and talking about is exciting and can retain the viewers’ interest.

There are multiple ways to optimize your videos. The first is to speak about your keyword and let it flow into sentences without mentioning it always. That will bug the user and will be considered an unnatural attempt at gaining views. The other is to say the keyword in your title; this might seem like a trivial thing but is very important in your content showing up in the search results.

Putting your keyword at the front of the title’s start is an excellent tactic to start with; as you progress and keep learning, you can change and experiment with it as you go. Coming onto the description, it is essential to know that it should provide context and information about your video.

The description should be 200 to 300 words long and mention the keywords more than 2 or 3 times over these words.  Include your keywords in such a way that they don’t feel redundant or spammy throughout the description.

The tags factor in less than the description and the video title, but they matter just as much. Include tags that the algorithm can pick up and determine what the video is about. Do not hesitate to use tags that famous and successful YouTubers use; if it works for them, it will work for you too.

5.Trending Topics

Trending topics are one of the most important things that determine the rankings of YouTube videos. The views and the engagement rate get impacted hugely when your video topic is related to a trending topic or a comprehensive known product or event. Make sure to follow up on various current affairs, trends in fashion, lifestyle, and gaming.

The topics should also appeal to the audience you are targeting. Making videos that appeal to your target audience is a necessary thing you should think about even before making them. There is no shortage of trending topics out in the news, and your channel should cover the latest trends adequately to build its image; and once you obtain optimum engagement, start posting fun stuff and experiment.

Observing and following up on trends is also one of the central roles of digital marketing and PPC agencies. Company YouTube channels often post trend related content and optimize their website to support their channel.

The YouTube algorithm operates on retention rate, and trends increase the acceleration due to most people watching their fair share of YouTube news. In this way, the creators and the consumers are helped by the tendencies and the algorithm.


These are the latest tips used to optimize your searches on YouTube. Use them wisely, and make sure that these tips take time to manifest, and it takes time for your engagement to grow. Do not give up on the process, and make sure to stay consistent throughout the months.

It takes a lot of hard work to optimize and make your channels bigger, so make sure you be wholly dedicated to the process; there will be trials and errors, but we have faith in the content you put out. We hope this list cleared your doubts about the YouTube ranking systems. Good Luck!