Technology has exponentially increased our ability to live, work and play efficiently, maximizing the time and energy we invest in our pursuits. Whether its algorithmic learning helping you find the information you’re looking for, or software that helps you crunch numbers or plan your day, there is a vast and exciting array of technology currently on the market designed to save you time, effort and money. This article walks you through some of the fundamental aspects of life and the technological breakthroughs that can help you manage your lifestyle more efficiently – saving you time to spend on yourself.


Education is rightly seen as one of the most important and fundamental pursuits that help towards a successful and fulfilled life. Quality online education is available to all through a range of courses hosted on the internet and affiliated with the world’s top universities. All you have to do to find the kind of educational paths you’re looking to take is search online for exactly what you’re looking for. This might be:

  • Applying yourself to a lean six sigma online course
  • Learning skills in art, design, and photography
  • Getting a new language under your belt in a progressive course
  • Understanding computing and learning to code from your laptop
  • Getting to grips with marketing techniques and SEO
  • Building and understanding financial models
  • Learning about stocks and shares so you can place wiser investments

Whatever it is that you choose to devote your time, energy and – sometimes – money to you’ll find an excellent integrated course online hosted on state-of-the-art, intuitive and professional platforms. You’ll even get a certified qualification to add to your resume on the completion of your chosen course.

Daily Planning

Some people find it the easiest thing in the world to wake up each morning and go about a planned and well-executed day. For most of us, though, remaining on top of our to-do lists, and being able to organize a day efficiently, can be a daily struggle. While calendars and physical weekly planners have been in existence for some time now, it’s really the digital planners that are helping the organizationally-challenged find their stride, efficiently going about their days without forgetting responsibilities or overlooking plans.

Some of the best of this technology is also the most accessible. Take, for instance, Google’s suite of services that are often synced to your laptop and your phone – sending helpful reminders whenever you have an obligation saved, or whenever work has scheduled a meeting for you. There are plenty of other planning software suites available online to suit any level of computer literacy – and they all help you achieve more in less time.


In the modern era, we’re constantly reminded of how beneficial it is to exercise regularly. It’s been said that exercise reduces the effects of aging, helping us live longer and more active, fulfilled lives. But for some – especially busy parents who’re either working or bringing up their children – finding the time to hit fitness goals can languish fairly low down on their priority list. That’s why breakthroughs in fitness tech have been some of the most beneficial to mankind – helpful in tracking your progress towards your fitness goals or your weight-loss aspirations.

The rise of the Fitbit is an exemplary case of wearable tech that helps you take better control of your general fitness. By tracking your steps, you’ll see how much exercise you’re managing to do in your day to day life. It might just inspire you to take a walk home instead of the car or a bus. Then there are apps and websites such as TrackMyRun, which help you understand the distances you’re covering when you’re out on jogs. These sites again help you regiment your fitness regime, making sense of the calories burned and your time splits as you progress in your fitness. All of these technological goods help you improve the efficiency of your fitness regime.

Work and Employment

It’s difficult to talk about efficiency savings without referencing the world of work. With stunning breakthroughs and provisions in workplace technology occurring consistently over the past thirty years, it’s difficult to imagine how people managed to work without computers linked up in networks to help you work and communicate at light-speed with others across the world. Some of the benefits of technology in the workplace include:

  • Ultra-fast communication between people either in the same office or on the other side of the world
  • Shared document editing and access to keep everyone on the same page
  • Suites of software that help you crunch numbers (Excel), compose documents (Word), or create informative slideshows (PowerPoint)
  • Advanced analytic programs to help industry-specific needs – such as manufacturing models or sales tracking

The list, of course, goes on and on in this regard. Every computerized breakthrough is accompanied by a simultaneous increase in efficiency that helps businesses – be they startups or long-established companies – serve their customers better.


Then there’s the world of play – another area in which we’re getting what we want when we want in an unprecedented array of apps, websites, and services. It’s difficult to ignore the new kid on the block in this regard: Netflix. Having inspired other huge internet companies such as Amazon to set up competitor streaming services, Netflix has managed to capture a huge market share in the visual entertainment industry, just as Spotify managed the same in the music streaming sector.

That’s not to mention companies such as Uber, which make getting to and from fun social events far more convenient and friction-free. Take-away websites such as HungryHouse or JustEat serve our rumbling bellies, while smartphone games and apps keep us occupied and entertained on our commutes. Entertainment has never been more accessible to the world – and that saves us time and effort when we’re looking to enjoy leisurely lifestyles that involve our consumption of the highest-quality entertainment systems and productions.

It’s clear that our ability to live fulfilled and busy lifestyles have been vastly improved by the advent of digital technology. Whether we’re enjoying films on the internet, educating ourselves in new realms of thought, or simply planning our working day, technology is there to offer a welcome helping hand – increasing the efficiency by which we live.