Writing is indeed a very demanding task, especially when you as a writer have a deadline to cover.

You need to actually conclude your tasks, while still maintaining certain standards in order to produce the best quality works, and not forgetting that the content you’re writing needs to also be original.

These and so many other demands could create so many disadvantages to the content writer, and this has also paved way towards different pursuits, in order to find ease with respect to content writing.

Linkages between Technology and the Content Writer

Since technology is the driving force of our modern society, it still hasn’t let us down because writers could now derive unique contents out of various writing tools which could also be found to be equipped with sophisticated algorithmic functions, with supposed machine learning capability. 

There is however different tools that could be of great help to a content writer, and are used in order to ensure that the write-ups provided are unique, as well as qualitative.

Some of the writing tools available help analyses the quality of the writing such as its uniqueness, grammatical errors, rewording, fresh article generation and much more. These are just few of rewrite tools: technology has brought to make writings easier, faster and qualitative.

With different technological tools developed to serve specific writing purposes, content writers or providers could now generate unique contents within a shorter time frame.

Helpful Writing Technologies

Let’s discuss some of the well-known technologies that have brought about certain improvements we’re now seeing in the world of content delivery.

Here we go!

Plagiarism Checkers: With plagiarism checkers, writers are now able to measure the degree of the uniqueness of their write-ups, and are metered in terms of percentages. They are also useful to clients in measuring the authenticity of the write-ups being delivered to them. Plagiarism checkers are especially useful in academic, marketing, blogging, communication and many other industries. Turnitin, Grammarly, and Copyscape are good example of Plagiarism checking services.

Article paraphrasing generator: also known as a rewrite tool, and are used to reword or rewrite articles online, so as to obtain an entirely different content from its original.

These tools are great in duplicating existing contents while still maintaining the same message, but 100% different in terms of uniqueness. Rewriting tools might have their own shortcomings, especially in terms of the readability, but it still offers content writers great and unique contents.

Article Generators: these work similar to paraphrasing tools, but have more sophisticated features than the former. These tools are used to generate fresh contents from the few text data provided.

Grammar Checkers: these are also essential in proofreading the quality of writings and highlighting or even correcting grammatical errors. Grammarly is a common tool, capable of helping a content writer to proofread the piece, for potential errors.


Technology is still reshaping the ways in which content writers are delivering the best quality contents, and efforts are still in progress to automate content writing tasks using modern IT techniques that are made out of artificial intelligence.