According to a recent medical research, magnetic robot swarms can help in cure of diseases. These robots are microscopic in size and are controlled by magnetic forces. The research says that these swarms can help in fighting cancerous elements present inside the human body.

Since past several years, it is proved by the scientists that magnetic forces can be manipulated and diverted through advanced medical technology. These forces offer guidance to the medical devices present inside our bodies for controlling movement of objects. Let us take an example. The magnetic fields were utilized for shifting a catheter located in the heart or for steering capsules inside the gut. Initially, magnetic fields were also utilized for controlling swarms of small-sized magnets. Thus, it implies that such kind of technology can work for resolving complicated medical issues such as cancer.

Though the above process sounds useful, it is a challenging task to guide members of microscopic instruments to move in the same direction and at the same speed. As the magnetic items work under the force of the same magnetic field, their behaviour is also identical to each other.

In order to overcome this issues, scientists have conducted research for controlling all the members of a swarm of magnetic devices in a unique way. In this way, these devices can conduct specific activities as per the directions.

According to the German physicist and author, Jurgen Rahmer, this method will help in creating complicated manipulations in the human body. The overall process takes place in the following manner:

• Small-sized identical magnetic screws are developed.

• Later, a vibrant magnetic field is developed for freezing these magnetic screws.

• The magnetic screws can freely move in the small, weak gaps within the magnetic field created.

• If the magnetic field is not strong enough, then there can be spinning of the freely moving magnetic screws.

The scientists can cause the tiny magnetic screws to spin and flick in different directions simultaneously with the required level of accuracy. The researchers have also observed that it would be now possible to spin and influence all the microscopic robots on simultaneous basis.

Thus, scientists can now make use of screw-based mechanism for performing complex tasks in the human body. There is no need for a battery or motor to conduct such complex tasks anymore.

This screw-spinning mechanism can also be backed with injectable microscopic pills. With this technology, the scientists can cause cancer-killing pills to target only the tumours and not the healthy tissues. As soon as the radiation dose is released by the pills, it will be switched off through magnetic forces. Moreover, the pills will be comprised of metallic substances so that the radiation does not leak out of it.

Conclusively, magnetic fields and robot swarms will help in curing cancer inside the body without damaging the healthy tissues.