With the introduction of IP phones, the world is moving towards a new era of technology and development. IP phones are a revolutionary technology that clearly has the potential to rework all the phone systems that are present in the world. The most intriguing feature of these phones is that though they look like traditional phones, they don’t use phone lines to make phone calls.

How Do IP Phones Work?

IP phones are specialized phones that work in a very unique manner. These phones look exactly like traditional phones with handset, cradle, and buttons. What distinguishes these phones is their way of working. The traditional analog voice calls are converted into packets of data which travel over either the public internet or any private Internet Protocol (IP) network. IP phones have an Ethernet connector rather than the standard connectors. These phones directly connect with the router and have all the hardware as well as the software that is required to handle an IP call. Moreover, Wi-Fi phones allow the callers to make a call by using any Wi-Fi hot spot.

Benefits of IP Phones

IP phones are gaining a lot of hype due to the numerous benefits they have to offer to the general public. It is not wrong to say that the time is not far when IP phones will completely take over the traditional phone sets. The benefits of IP phones that will make this possible are

  1. Significantly lower costs

As the name suggests, IP phones utilize the Internet Protocol system. Quality service is guaranteed. As these phones solely make use of the internet, the costs of domestic as well as long distance calls are made very cheaper. As compared to traditional phone lines very few lines are required hence reducing the overall costs.

  1. Versatility of features

Using IP phones allows the users to multi-task which enables them to be as productive as possible. Features such as forwarding messages and voicemails instantly add to the list of useful and diverse features. Apart from these many other versatile features are also available that make these phones unique and preferable.

  1. Efficient transmission of multimedia content

IP phones offer voice-to-voice connections. These phones are equipped to handle conference calls, video calls, and other meetings where streaming of audio as well as video is crucial. All the conferencing necessities are merged into one solution that is the IP phone.

  1. Service mobility

IP phones bring with them tremendous benefits as they follow you wherever you go. This is because there are no physical limitations that hinder any sort of communication thus allowing freedom of communication without any added stress.

Making the Right Decision

Though IP phones have a list of benefits yet shifting to them can be very confusing due to so many services and features that are available. The key here is to always look forward to the things that have a positive impact. IP phones do have many positive impacts and thus need to be considered when making a choice.