Most companies spend around 8% of their revenue on marketing. When you consider companies like Amazon that make over 200 billion dollars per year, you can see just how big marketing budgets can get.

As a small business owner, there’s no way that you’re going to be able to scrape together the kind of marketing spend that Amazon can. That being said, there are low to no-cost marketing mediums that you can invest in to grow your business.

Developing a content marketing strategy is one of our favorite ways to achieve that end.

If you’re not sure how content marketing can help you towards your goals, check out some of its advantages below.

1. Better Search Engine Visibility

Search engines like Google field billions of searches every day. Given the volume of internet users that trust Google to direct their online queries, how Google chooses to rank you within its results pages can have a huge impact on your business.

By exercising content marketing strategies like blog writing, your team can create search engine optimized content that is targeted at particular keywords. Those keywords might catch Google’s attention.

The more well-written content you publish, the more likely Google will be to rank your website for certain queries.

2. Less Pressure on Customer Support

The more content that you create that addresses your customer’s questions, the fewer people you’ll have tying-up your customer support team’s phone lines.

Large companies invest millions of dollars to produce information pieces as part of their content marketing strategy that helps customers get the most out of their products. Fast access to that information creates happier patrons and allows your support specialists to focus on more serious issues.

3. A Heightened Reputation As an Area Expert

Say you have two HR companies that run private practices. Each of them is equal when it comes to expertise.

If one company shared their knowledge about, hiring procedures and more via producing informative social media posts and the other never shared any of their knowledge online, which HR company do you think consumers would say is more of a field expert?

Chances are the one that’s content marketing.

It’s a fact that content marketing creates a perception that a company is knowledgeable. That perception can drive a lot of business.

4. Fun Ways to Engage With Current and Prospective Customers

Content marketing touches on everything from creating blog posts to producing online videos. The deeper that you get into content marketing, the more diverse you’ll become in the ways that you communicate which can help you engage new swaths of buyers.

As you get more familiar with content marketing, you’ll find that sharing your knowledge online is not only good for business but also fun!

Hatch a Content Marketing Strategy and Start Reaping the Benefits

A well-placed content marketing strategy coupled with quality products can make a business work. We hope the advantages that we’ve shared with you have inspired you to take the leap and start exploring this means of digital engagement.

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