Java Script

JavaScript (JS) as the main and native programing language of web browsers needs no introduction in the software world. Almost all websites today use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript as their primary building blocks.

With the rapid advancement in software & technology sector and constant changes in programming platforms, the demand for JS developers is on an all-time high with excellent career opportunities available for them in the market.

However, to navigate the highly competitive job market, you need to further improve your skill-sets by doing a JavaScript certification from a renowned training institute. It can be extremely useful to enhance your strengths and to move your career forward in the right direction.

What Is JavaScript certification?

JS certification helps you learn and understand all the basics of JavaScript programming language. It allows you to design everything from client-site apps to various platform-independent solutions. Among the things, you will learn in JS certification are-

  • The fundamentals of JavaScript and programming including loops, arrays, functions, boolean logic, if/else, and more
  • Elaboration of various data types in the JS, concepts of objects and variables in JavaScript
  • Basics of modern JavaScript including Babel, NPM, ES6 modules, Webpack, and Babel
  • About event loop, async/await, AJAX & APIs and other asynchronous JavaScript
  • Basics of organizing and structuring your code using patterns like modules
  • Other complex features such as function constructors, ‘this’ keyword, closures, prototypal inheritance etc

Features of JavaScript

Among the main features of JS are-

  • JS is an object-based scripting language which supports encapsulation and polymorphism
  • It can easily run on any browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. and on any device/server having a JavaScript engine
  • JS is an interpreted language that doesn’t have to be compiled like C or Java

Benefits of JavaScript 

Like any other computer programming languages, JavaScript offers various advantages. Among the main ones include-

  • JS is platform-independent

The primary benefit of JS is its non-dependence on any external platform. The JavaScript-enabled browsers are equipped to understand as well as interpret JavaScript code without any hassle. Being a free technology that doesn’t require lengthy configuration/installations, JS allows you to edit web pages by just opening the browser.

  • JavaScript is versatile

An extremely versatile language, JS can be used in many different ways through Node.js servers. Furthermore, it is used almost everywhere on the web with many resources available to learn JavaScript. Javascript has, in fact, gained a lot of traction in the software industry in recent years because it is relatively simple to learn and implement.

  • Robust frameworks

Doing a JavaScript course from a reputed institute gives you access to some of the most powerful JS frameworks ( AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery, MeteorJS) with ready to use codes. Not only these JS codes are easy to interpret but debug also. These powerful JS frameworks offer plenty of exciting features to boost overall productivity manifold.

  • JS helps you build a multi-functional website

JavaScript makes it easier to create a multi-functional, application-based website as it is not limited by any constraints unlike the usual drag and drop website builders. If you wish to build a unique and feature-rich website with multiple functionalities, JavaScript offers an easy solution to implement the idea.

  • JavaScript is fast

Being a client-side programming language mainly, JS is very fast and can be run immediately within the client-side browser without having to contact the server and wait for a response. Additionally, it has no requirement to be compiled on the client-side lending it speed. All you need is a browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and you are all set to go.

  • Offer extended functionality

With various third-party add-ons such as Greasemonkey, JavaScript becomes more powerful as a programming language and allow developers to write snippets of JS which can be executed on required web pages for extended functionality.

Secure your future with JavaScript

The rising popularity of JavaScript has brought incredible changes making the very face of web development dramatically different from what it was earlier. Today, the number of things that are possible on the web with JavaScript running on the server and browser were even hard to imagine a few wars ago. In fact, now we have unimaginable web applications with real-time, two-way connections that allow both the client and server to exchange data freely by initiating communication.

With such an ever-increasing demand for JS developers across the world, training in javascript can be an excellent decision that can help you advance in your IT career.