As if there wasn’t enough to worry about in the world of cyber attacks and the growing numbers of hackers in the world, diebestenvpn has announced the increase in distribution of a new piece of adware which can cause great home both at work and in the home.

Known as Adrozek, the new adware infiltrates the systems by attacking the Internet browsers. Adding numerous extensions to the browser and editing codes behind the scenes to go around adding unauthorised adverts across the Internet, this adware is quickly spreading thanks to the extended distribution by organised groups targeting online threats.

Security is of premium importance when it comes to protecting a business or personal data at home, however it appears that malicious intent is still a successful market for those on the other side of the law.

Although Adrozek finds higher success rates with Internet browsers like Firefox and Chrome, there is still a risk that the new adware tool can leave a significant imprint on many other browser options as well.

Up your game

Staying protected and keeping your chosen device safe from cyber attack doesn’t have to be as tricky as it has to be. There are a great number of ways to start minimising the attack success rate on your PC or laptop, starting with a VPN.

VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, have the ability to raise security levels at a vast rate to improve safety and protection for your PC and the files all stored on it. Simply installing a piece of software, which is often free, and connecting to the Internet via that same software, there is a much better chance of keeping adware and hackers out of your private accounts.

VPNs work through encrypted connections which are designed to keep all unauthorised parties out of a private online session. Complex passwords and firewalls are just two examples of the security features built in to the structure of a VPN.

They also have the ability to hit a kill switch if a threat is made known, cutting the connection before any harm can be done.

Minimise everything

Make a habit of not storing lots of links on your bookmark tools on your chosen go to web browser. Adware, including the latest stream Adrozek, targets URLs so the more currently available the more damage it can do in a matter of minutes. 

By keeping saved links to an absolute minimum there is a lesser chance of maximum damage being done before it is flagged up by your system. Perhaps keep some of your most sensitive data within a cloud service on the web to minimise the amount of files on your chosen device too.


Keep up to date with all anti-virus patches. Although it may not directly help with the adware situation, keeping your device clear of potential threats and suspicious coding can help to stop adware at the door and prevent unthinkable damage to your chosen device.