Do you want to know about computer hardware basics?

Computers are one of the best innovations of modern technology and through them, we improve our way of life. Some people prefer to have their computers ready to use as soon as they buy them from their retailers. However, some go the extra mile and build their own computers from scratch.

Creating your own computer is not easy, though, often because it’s hard to determine what the best components are. You can expect an available upgrade every year as each company tries to outperform themselves and other brands. If you intend to have the latest hardware, expect your yearly expenses for a computer to increase.

If you’re still willing and ready to commit, though, you’ll need to learn about the most important pieces of hardware in any computer. Check out what’s below to know what parts you need to learn about.

1. Central Processing Unit or CPU

Have you ever wondered how could your computer processes the work that you make it do? This is because of your CPU, which many people refer to as the brain of the computer. The CPU is a small, thin, silicon wafer encased in a ceramic chip that’s placed on a circuit board.

This small piece of hardware makes sure your computer works with its other parts. You communicate with your computer using computer languages like Java, Python, or C++. When you do so, the CPU breaks it down to assembly language to execute your commands.

This makes it the most important part of your computer. Without it, you won’t be able to input any commands, run any function, and use your computer in general.

2. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or the Video Card

What makes computers famous today is because one of its use is to provide us with entertainment. Gamers are familiar with the GPU or the video card because it makes sure that their games run without problems. Without it, you will experience stutters while you’re gaming, or the game won’t even run at all.

The video card isn’t limited to enhancing your gaming experience. It supports the rendering of graphics like images, videos, and video editing. Also, it improves the 3D modeling capability of your computer when using software that demands a lot from you.

When combined with a high-capacity RAM, your video card can render even the most detailed models without experiencing any issues. This will also lower the chances of your computer freezing because of the time it needs to process.

The quality of your GPU determines how it processes any visually related information. The best graphics card will benefit you if you want to enhance your experience in using a computer.

3. Random Access Memory (RAM)

A good video card and CPU will not process your work well if it doesn’t have enough memory to process it. The purpose of RAM is to store data to make your programs work faster and better. The RAM provides the memory your computer will need so you don’t experience delay or any form of a slowdown.

Consider this as the power source of your computer. Without it, your PC won’t function well enough to carry out what you want it to do. You’ll have a laggy and slow experience that may freeze up from time to time.

Many people believe that the memory the RAM provides is the same kind of memory that’s used by other drives. What makes RAM different is that, if it loses its power supply, it will lose all the memory it retained during the session. This makes it useless as a storage device.

4. Storage: Solid State Drive or Hard Drive

If you’re looking for a good way to store your files and data, then you’ll want dedicated storage devices like SSDs or HDDs. This is what makes computers functional and useful for everyone. Saving images, important files, and even videos on computers make them desirable even if it’s for this purpose only.

Hard drive and SSD are non-volatile because it can retain data and files for you. When turned off because of loss of power, your hard drives make sure that your software remains there. This way, you don’t have to worry about installing or downloading the software again.

When choosing your storage options, keep in mind the differences between hard drive and SSD. A hard drive uses a type of disk and a mechanical arm to store data. While SSD is the digital kind that doesn’t use a disk and an arm to store data.

These drives are removable and replaceable hardware of a computer. You can replace them with better hardware to improve your storage capacity. Like the computer keyboards and computer mouse, replacing them enhances your computer experience.

5. The Motherboard

With the previous hardware mentioned, all will not work without placing them in a circuit board. Also known as the motherboard, it’s a circuit board where you all assemble all the hardware so they can work in unison. You can think of the motherboard as the crust of the pie and holds everything together.

The quality of the motherboard also affects the performance of the other hardware. Some motherboards are often configured to work well with other hardware. This improves the performance of your computer by allowing them to communicate with each other faster, enhancing your experience, and making sure you get the most out of investments.

When looking for a motherboard keep in mind its gigahertz capacity. Gigahertz determines how fast each hardware process information from one hardware to another. Also, this is another factor to consider when comparing macOS big Sur vs Catalina.

Know Your Computer Hardware Basics Today

Building your own computer need not be an exhausting task. With the guide above, you’ll have an easier time shopping for parts and getting the ones you need. Know the computer hardware basics and build the best computer today!

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