smart home system

We live in an age where smart kitchens have made sense and refrigerators and freezers are connecting to the Internet and ordering the food we need online. Advances in technology and the demand for homeowners to install more advanced home automation systems have led to many changes.

Today, structures such as the HDL home automation system have entered the market that has features beyond the alarm panel, sensor and keyboard. HDL home automation system goes beyond the old methods by creating a new level of control, access and communication. Homes with the smart home system can be remotely controlled from anywhere with a mobile phone and personal computer. Also, for busy families, they can adjust the system to their daily schedules.

smart home system


To all these possibilities, you can add the reduction of anxiety and as a result, enjoy life. Perhaps one of the best examples I can give is the use of the HDL home automation system in everyday cooking. In this article, to familiarize you with this smart home system, I will introduce some of the most commonly used uses and write about its capabilities.

One of the most critical parts of any home is the kitchen because it provides food for the house and brings family members together. Also, everyone in the house is usually in touch with the kitchen utensils and facilities. Therefore, this place must become an accessible and high-usage place for the family (and especially mothers) at all times.

Home Automation System

These questions may arise; how can you handle the kitchen without much trouble? How can you increase the efficiency of this part of the house without compromising? The Answer: HDL home automation system. It’s the most practical way to do it, given all the benefits you can get after launching it.


The most important benefit that can be mentioned is the complete control of the house and the kitchen. This is quite possible after integrating your kitchen into the HDL home automation system. HDL smart home system is supported by the powerful wired system “Buspro” and wireless system “Buspro Wireless”. Buspro is an intelligent control system independently developed by HDL Automation, which can control the lighting, shading and security functions of the kitchen through one key of wall panels, mobile phones, and tablet computers. One of the advantages of using HDL smart home system is that you can integrate with other systems, software platforms, intelligent single products from a third-party due to the strong compatibility.


Well, the most amazing parts of HDL home automation system is that it can ensure the safety of you and the kitchen to a great extend with its function of smoke, gas, water immersion detection. Especially when you outside but there are still things in your kitchen that are cooking, such as stew soup. HDL home automation system will help you to check the condition of the kitchen and inform you by mobile phone, so you don’t have to worry about potential accidents for that no one is at home.


HDL home automation system also let you fall in love with cooking. When you are cooking, it’s possible to get fun by the lighting control system and auto play function of music. You can even switch to dinner mode and have dinner with your family in soft and warm lighting mode to enjoy the most relaxing time in a day.

 HDL home automation system

Now imagine how much the HDL home automation system can help you when you are busy or on vacation or at family parties! This system reduces many stressors and doubles your enjoyment of being in the kitchen and cooking. On the one hand, by saving time, it allows you to spend more time with your loved ones. On the other hand, with the security system that it has, it reduces the occurrence of any possible danger.

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