Almost every other day we get to hear about the harmful effects that the lights emitting from various sources have on the eyes. Among the most harmful ones is the light coming out of the mobile screens or laptop screens. However, instead of doing something to address the issue, we keep subscribing to services like Spectrum Triple play. No doubt, these services allow us to access not just the Internet but TV all month round at reasonable packages. However, you don’t want to damage your eyes due to bing watching!

Wait till you read about all the harmful effects that blue light has on eyes.

Digital Eye Strain & Other Harmful Effects

  • Among the many problems that blue light causes are that it contributes to digital eye strain. Because blue light has a short wavelength, it scatters much more easily than other visible light does. This can be an issue when you are looking at the screens of laptops or other digital devices. Because this visual noise, as they call it, reduces the contrast. This leads to the eye strain that you might experience.
  • There is a solution to this problem. So, you do not need to worry. You can opt for computer glasses with a yellow frame. This is because according to researches any light that has a wavelength less than that of the blue light will increase the contrast significantly. Hence, exerting less strain on your eyes. Therefore, you can opt for computer glasses with yellow-tinted lenses.
  • Apart from causing digital eye strain, blue light can be very harmful to you if you have undergone cataract surgery. Not only this, but you will also have to be careful as blue light can also be a source of Macular degeneration. This is the result of photoreceptor cell death in a person’s retina. This can be pretty traumatic for a person. Because the function of photoreceptors is to capture the visual images. It then sends signals to the brain using a molecule that they call retinal. Blue light damages the retinal. It is harmful to this sensitive molecule. Because blue light triggers various chemical reactions by the Retinal. And if the photoreceptor cells die as a result of these chemical reactions, there is not regeneration.


These are very alarming facts, but here’s all that you can do to protect yourself against the harmful blue light.

Limit the Screen Time

You might find it difficult, but you will have to limit the screen time. Especially if you are exposed to digital devices at your workplace as well. You should give your eyes some rest after every half an hour. This reduces the exposure to the damaging light of the screen as well. Apart from that, you should not view your mobile that often because that increases your exposure to the blue light. Not only should you limit the devices that you expose your eyes to, but you should also reduce the time of exposure. If you believe that your eyes are exposed to digital devices at all time at your work, keep your mobile away a lot of time before you go to sleep. This will not only reduce the exposure but also give you a better sleep. Because this blue light also interferes with the sleeping pattern.

Turn Down the Brightness

Another important step that you can take is to turn down the brightness on your digital devices. Because of more the brightness, more the damage. I know this might irritate you because almost all of us are used to viewing the screens at full brightness. It makes the whole experience of viewing or reading things better. Doesn’t it. But you also need to understand that it causes more damage to your eyes than you might realize. Therefore, keep the brightness to a low side and your eyes will adjust to it in some time.

Eat Foods High in Zeaxanthin and Lutein

The fact that you cannot reduce your exposure to digital devices beyond a certain limit is also considerable. Therefore, it is important that you include foods that have Lutein and Zeaxanthin in your diet. These are the eye foods that will help them to function better. Some of the foods that you can find these nutrients in include Spinach and Kale. Apart from that, you can also find them in pea shoots and Chinese broccoli.

Not only this, but you should also prefer calls over texting at any given time. For example, if you have an issue with your service, you can call Charter Spectrum Customer support number, instead of visiting the website. This will not just give you a better guideline but also reduce your screen time.