Food delivery services on online platforms were already available in many countries around the world before COVID-19; however, many young professionals gained exponential popularity and trust in post COVID Situation. During the global pandemic crisis, people were restricted to dine out because of strict rules of social distancing and the fears of over food safety. Fresh food and grocery items but also in demand because of severe isolation, and most people were fed up with canned food and meals.

Cooking and baking in the home are subsequently considered as one of the best and obvious solutions of offering Peace of Mind and satisfaction during quarantine activities. The large scale of the lockdown of big cities and their market made it extremely difficult for people to shop for fresh groceries, and there was a huge market gap between supply and customer demand. Online grocery shopping has made things extremely easier, and that is why even after COVID Situation, People are very much into shopping groceries from online trusted sites. 

Online Grocery Supply Chain Automation

There are several delivery apps available out there in the market, allowing many options in terms of vegetables and other raw materials related to the grocery to be delivered in your homes. These online grocery delivery apps are extremely trusted because they generally pick ingredients that are organic straight from the farmers and supply them to customers in their homes. However, it is considered as a bit of concern for middle-class shoppers; however, the features of these online grocery apps are extremely tempting. One can easily trace his/her online order by sitting in their homes. 

As per recent research, it has been estimated that online grocery sales will grow up to at least 33% in 2020 because COVID-19 has completely changed the way it goes online. 

Essential vs. non-essential spending

A lot of surveys across the world have been conducted to predict the taste and mood of people towards online grocery shopping, and you will be amazed to know that most of the people across the world are spending a much lesser amount because of the COVID situation. Most people used to spend a lot on dining out restaurants before the situation of a pandemic, but the post-COVID situation has changed things completely. 

These days people generally rely on online grocery shopping. In the lockdown situation, the number of apps was introduced in the market for online grocery shopping, which not only trusted the gain of consumers but also gained lots of popularity among buyers. Online grocery shopping has gained a huge boost in terms of consumer demand in the Post COVID situation. 


The Future is Now for Online Grocery IN POST COVID-19

The industry of grocery has gained lots of success because of the COVID situation, and it is also thought that it will be booming after the situation of the pandemic. It has created some overwhelming options for consumers because of lockdown situations across the world. Pakistan is no different here, and the dramatic effects of COVID are still seen.

It is estimated that the sales of online grocery will further increase. With that increase, it will be extremely important to manage the safety protocols and accommodation of surge in the ordering of online grocery.

The future of online grocery is extremely bright, but the things that decide the future timing of this business are the check and balance in the system of online grocery shopping. But now, the Post COVID situation is favoring a lot in online grocery businesses across the world, including Pakistan.