A serious upgradation is expected to be delivered by Android Messages and will be defined on the phones that sold by more than around 27 device makers and mobile operators around the world. The plan of Google to bring out messaging through SMS text into the modern age of internet and run the race with Apple iMessage is finally coming to shape.

The company reported that 27 more of device makers and wireless operators around the globe will very soon lend support for the Rich Communications Services, the level that provides enhanced features to texting through SMS, like photo sharing that is of high resolution, have options for group chats and read receipts. Mobile carriers like Deutsche Telecom, Globe, Orange will join Rogers, Telenor, and Sprint in preloading the Android with the new name as Android Messages because the traditional messaging app on the cell phones that their subscribers make use of.

The Central Activity

Many manufacturers like Motorola, LG, ZTE, and Sony have reported that they will add the technology in their android phones so that it is preloaded on the devices sold across the globe. With the announcement of the roll out, the subscribers globally exceeded 1 billion to access the new messaging technology as reported by the head of RCS at Google, Amir Sarhangi. Sarhangi stated that the previous year it all about getting aligned with various partners and making the technology piece work out in places. However, this year the launch of the service is the central activity so that the subscribers begin to use the enhanced and improved features.

The news is of great importance and it denotes that the users of the android phones on the specific mobile carriers will find an improved version that would be automatic for their experience of SMS messaging. This would provide them with the similar sophisticated functionality which is offered already on the messaging apps such as Messenger of Facebook, iMessage of Apple or Whatsapp.

Text messaging is among the most commonly used services on the cell and mobile devices all across the world. However, the messaging functionality of 160 characters was developed for the ear when flip phone was used. The phones that are used today are much more enhanced and powerful.

Thus, better functionality such as the ability to know whether any text has been delivered and seen or see whether someone is typing a reply or a message is been expected by the users. More of the features like the ability to join or leave any group are an added to the basic service of messaging on your phone.


RCS is a standard of technology that has helped in making this happen. Google has struggled in developing a texting app for the Android phones to the competitor iMessage of Apple and has constructed RCS incorporated into the platform of messaging.

These are renamed as Android Messages. The declaration means the phones and carriers that support it can use the app of Android Messages as their default and built in message app of their android devices sold by them.