Driving down the road or tucked away in the corner of a parking garage we’ve all seen cars neatly kept from view by a car cover.  Apart from wondering what type of car is hidden under the cover, the first thought that may come to mind is why is that car covered?  Does the car cover really serve a purpose?  This is a controversial issue in the car world with some experts saying no and others enthusiastically supporting them.  In the end, the decision is up to the individual car owner.

Here are five important reasons why you may want to consider covering your car.

Protection from Dirt and Dust 

If a car is going to be stored for a period of time it can be worth it to cover up.  Even if the car is stored indoors, over time, dust and dirt will build up. Experts suggest you clean your car before covering it to avoid any scratches as the cover rubs against any dirt that may already be present on your vehicle.

Sun Exposure

The jury is out on this one. UV rays can cause fading and damage to certain paints. Some people say that the clear coat on your car will be enough to protect your paint job.  However, the clear coat on your car won’t protect what is inside your car.  The seats, dash, and other interior parts will still be exposed to light through car windows.  A car cover may help to prevent over-exposure to the sun’s rays.

Protection from Leaves, Weather, and Animals

Protection from leaves, weather, and animals is probably the main reason why most people choose to use car covers. If you’ve ever had to clean leaves, bird droppings, or sap off your vehicle, you will not need a further explanation for this one.

Theft Deterrent

Most thieves are lazy, looking for the easiest target.  If a car is covered, it may not be worth the extra time it will take them to remove the cover before breaking and entering into the vehicle.  According to Road and Travel magazine, for this reason, keeping your car covered is one of the simplest things you can do to deter theft.

Protection from Rust, Corrosion, and Mildew

Water can cause issues with rust, corrosion, and mildew, especially if your car is sitting for long periods of time.  A car cover can help protect your car from rain or snow.  However, choosing a breathable cover that allows the evaporation of any water that does make it through the barrier is an important consideration.  You don’t want to let your car be exposed to trapped moisture or standing water for any length of time.

As with anything, it is important to consider the specific situation when making a decision on whether a car cover is the right choice.  Thinking about the environment the car will be stored in, for what purpose, and whether it will be stored inside or out are all things to be considered when choosing to cover a car.

If you decide not to cover your whole car, you still may want to consider covering your seats with Coverking seat covers through Car Cover USA.  Car seats have similar issues with fading due to exposure to UV light.  In addition, keeping your car seats protected from spills, dust, and wear and tear from regular use will help your car to maintain its value.