When you want to work on a new tech project, you can use custom cable assemblies to ensure that your project is efficient, easy to use, and fit inside your design. You can order a custom cable assembly that makes the most sense for your company, and you can ask the cable company to use different parts that give you the best results.

1. Custom Cables Can Be Wired To Your Needs

You can use custom cables that have been wired to give you what you need. You do not need to buy a cable that has improper wiring, or you do not need to shop around until you find what you want. It is much easier for you to order a new cable with the specifications that match your project.

2. The Custom Cable Company Has Experience In The Field

MeridianCableAssemblies.com is a good place to check when you are searching for the cables that will help you complete your next project. Most companies that are starting a new telecommunications project can choose from a variety of cables that will be easy to use and even easier to adjust during construction. The custom cable manufacturer can even give you advice based on their industry experience.

3. The Cables Can Be Sized To Match The Project

The cables that you order could be made from traditional phone cables that will coil. The coiled cables will help you fit the cable inside the casing. Plus, you can use coiled cables that will retract easily. Some people prefer to use old phone cables because they can twist them and even force them together.

Also, the cables that you have ordered will retain their shape over time. You can stretch them and use them as much as you want. Also, you will not need to worry about breaking the cable by stretching it. For the most part, you can use these cables for years without any trouble.

4. The Cables Can Power Your Device And Transfer Data

The cables can power your devices and transfer data at the same time. You do not need to worry about ordering more than one cable because you can use one cable to do everything. If you have worked with a custom cable company, you can ask them to add as many different wires as you want. You could power your device, create a voice connection, and send data. Plus, you could create a secondary Internet connection for the device.

5. Tech Companies Can Quickly Create Prototypes

Tech companies can quickly create prototypes that will include these cables. Because of this, you need to make sure that you have asked the cable company how fast they can make different iterations of the cable. Because of this, you can get your work done faster. You should use the prototype cables on your new projects, and you can repurpose them in the future if you need to.

Plus, you might want to have a look at what your options are when you are working on multiple projects that all need new cables. Several different prototype cables can be used to give you different results across several projects.


You should order custom cables from a company that knows how to create multifunction cables for your tech devices. You will save money when the company is making prototypes, and the prototypes can be used over time in different projects. A multifunction cable is much cheaper for you to build, use, and manufacture. Plus, you can ask the cable company to use non-traditional materials as they build your new cables.