Finding Dory

Finding Dory is an amazing and top animation movie, which is well-reputed because of its amazing features and characters, especially its story, making it attractive to all those interested in movies. It is an American animated movie that was released in 2016 and is produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Andrew Stanton is the director of the movies who struggled to make the movie well-reputed and make it possible to come to the public level. It’s not just a movie but is revealing the hidden story of some characters. Let’s analyze these characters and see what the actual purpose of the movie is.

A Background of Movies

Lindsey Stanton produces the moves, and Andrew Stanton writes the whole story. The music of the movie was made and created by Thomas Newman. The screenplay was designed by the same man who directed it.

Let’s now move towards the story!

Story and Movie’s Overview

Dory is the Regal Blue Tang who gets separated from his real presence in her early life due to some reasons. Jenny and Charlie were her parents. After some time, she searched for her parents but forgot due to her mental loss condition. Her condition is just miserable. After some years, Dory again remembered her parents while she was living happily. It saddens he came into mind the Morro Bay in California where she and her parents lived years ago. It was an amazing reminder.

Her loyal friends, including Marlin and Nemo and some other friends all researched Dory’s parents towards the California Sea and Morro Bay. They use the ships for this purpose to travel towards their destination. Dory suddenly met with an octopus with 7 legs and an amazing shape named Hank in the sea.

Hank, after listening to Dory’s story, decided to help her to find her parents. Main while a shark in the ocean tied to communicate to the Dory using some pipes, and who takes the wrong estimation for Dory to lose the voice listening power. Then suddenly, Dory came to know how she was getting separated from her birth parents. It was a night when her mother was crying and was unable to leave out of a shell.

It’s mid of the story and is more interesting towards the next.

Now Dory suddenly lost under the ocean, where again she was caught and saved by the Fluke and Rudder in actual from the ocean’s deep pipe system. Both of these were lazy, but they have enough power to rescue the Dory and became successful. After some struggles and travel, she suddenly feel a trail of shells and gets reminded that her parents were into the same trail of shells while she was separating.

She touched and found an empty brain coral with multiple shells, and they lead to the trails at the end. With her friends and sea creatures, she successfully found her parents from the reef and returned successfully after some time. This was a moment of happiness for her and their parents. She was the actual winner today and was feeling proud of the success after the struggle she made to find her parents.

Final Verdict

So, in the end, what do you expect to finalize for the story and movie? Yes, it is about the struggle of life, which should not stop and should be continued no matter how many times you get failed. Just keep in mind to make enough struggles that at the end, no one is there to say you something and negative. But be positive just like Dory, and in the end, we all will find our purpose.