The gas and oil industry today mostly uses large volumes of oilfield data that create pressure on all involved in the business. How to overcome the problem and simplify all things related to data storage in the industry?

Digitalization Is the Answer

The advanced technology now also gives benefits in the storage of oilfield data with large volume. To improve safety performance and reduces the pressure, most of oil and gas companies now turn to digitalization system to manage the data. It is also aimed to make better sense of data and improve the business and operation. Digitalization is now seen as a crucial element that can work to increase revenue as well as lowering costs of offshore drilling. The data storage system is also potential to reduce investment that the gas and oil company should make in the future. The most important thing that digitalization is also eco-friendly in which it can lower the carbon footprints resulted in the companies’ operation. The FieldAP software of the FutureOn now makes the digitalization in the oil and gas industry is possible to apply and works for the company’s sakes. The application makes it possible for the companies to have instant data access visualization of the assets they have in the form of 2D or 3D as well as the analysis of real-time cost.

Key Features of the Software

FieldAP of FutureOn comes with various interesting key features that make the digitalization system of the oil company’s data.

  1. Field Layout Module

This key feature will make it possible for you to do “drag and drop” operations in much easier and quicker ways. In this way, the users of the application will be able to create a new field layout or replicate the existing ones rapidly. This allows the users to connect assets through simpler steps. However, as users, you can make the layouts simple or advanced based on your imagination. There is also “Clone” feature to enable you to create field designs used for layout comparisons with multiple options quickly.

  1. Asset Library

The second key feature to enjoy is the Asset Library in which the users of the software can design elements that are compatible with the structures of the subsea installation. They can also depict some other operational equipment such as FPSOs, Templates, Manifolds, and much more. The FieldAP now is also supported with a generic library that used by most vessels and structures.

  1. Project Dashboard

The project dashboard feature is aimed to allow the users to view all projects owned by the company account and you have already had access to them. The projects viewed is shown on a list, however, the Project Cards will display 4 projects that are created at the most recent time on the top list. The application also allows you to have a better management of many individual projects by using the project folders. Meanwhile, the Project Administrators can help you to set project settings and values as well as assign certain assets. The application also makes it possible to invite the users to a specific project while keeping the sensitive data to be accessed by the permitted users only at the same time.