Architectural and planning solutions are an important component in the design. The quality of the decisions made determines not only the aesthetic characteristics of the building, but also the operational characteristics.

When developing a design project for a future interior, architectural and planning solutions must be taken into account. Will it allow you to realize all your ideas and wishes? Or will it be necessary to sacrifice something? To avoid sacrifice, at the planning stage, this must be done with the help of professionals. A competent architectural and planning solution significantly saves your budget.

Features of architectural solutions

Architectural and planning solutions should be made taking into account the type of construction object and should take into account such features as functionality and constructiveness, environmental friendliness and aesthetics, socioeconomic orientation, compliance with construction standards and requirements.

Architectural solutions include:

  • Territory analysis for the construction object, environmental conditions;
  • Selection of the structure of the object to ensure its stability, strength and durability, ensuring fire and explosive safety;
  • Space planning solutions – determining the shape of the building, its dimensions; planning the layout of floors, basements, stairwells, sanitary facilities, premises, equipment;
  • Aesthetic solutions – external and internal design of the building.

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