Clickfunnels owner is Russel Brunson as this man created the best website that is helping you to compete in the world and making you have your dreams come true.

They also work on the issues that a businessman face in digital marketing and try to solve them for you as well as they also provide you with the tools that will help you in creating the best website for you as you see fit.

Clickfunnels is offering you all the tools, all the features in under one platform, how amazing is that. 

The best part about Clickfunnels is that they keep their business to their selves and earn money for their selves with this business rather than others like lead pages do not earn their money from their business.

The company do not answers to know one everything they earn keeps to their selves as they are moving forward when Russel Brunson took a trip to Africa he learned there how to help people in self-identifying another people and for this to make it happen he introduced a new feature called funnel hacker.

Funnel hacking is something like it will help you in making new funnels by simply clicking some clicks and using drag and drop.

Brunson wanted to show the world that they are not bounded if you want to build something new you can build on Clickfunnels and use it to your advantage.

When it comes to introduced funnel hacker he did not go to big media to introduced it he simply created a funnel hacker webinar and introduced this feature to the world without big media and any other advertisement used in it. 

Let’s talk about sales funnels. As you know sales funnels are the most important funnel in Clickfunnel franchise as this funnel increases your sales by just increasing your trafficking it can do many other things also.

It can give you various types of promotion that will attract any customer and they will love to come again and again.

Just like selling in person you need to reach out to the customers and talk as you are one of them and show them that need this thing it will give a meaning to your living just like that you have to show, illustrate the value of the product so they are convinced and buy the product from you.

Doing this thing in person requires confidence, charisma, persistence, focus and much more to convince the customer as for online you will need coding, designing landing pages, giving them offers, advertisement and many other things that will keep the focus of the customer to yourself.  

As you learn about sales funnels now we would like to tell you about how to reach a customer and how you can do marketing simply by just emailing

As you know email is a future for all the online marketing.

But before that, we should know that email since the internet came email is the best messenger to reach someone and you own this mail because there is a nameplate on it that shows that this mail came from you.

That’s the benefit of email that you own it rather than other social media or that you think that you own and can do marketing so it’s not true much like Facebook and every other social media website is not owned by you even you made so many followers that you are getting paid for it but in a flash that could be taken as there is an example if a person reported you with any cause and the Facebook finds something that you are reported for he will quickly terminate you from your group and will secure your ID so this means you do not own anything on any social media except for email.

You can contact person by giving them lead magnet and simply grab their emails so you can do marketing by sending them emails. 

If you want to know more Clickfunnels Review is the place where you will find all about Clickfunnels and the answers that you are looking for.