The procedure of website building is far easier and faster than any other website builder in the market today. There are many restrictive terms and hidden costs with websites that offer free website building. However, with 000webhost there are no such terms of restrictions and costs that are hidden from you.

Out of the options of free hosting, silver hosting and gold hosting, free hosting is what you should go for, as you won’t require the paid packages.The free WordPress hosting package offers you hundreds of free templates, 10GB of Bandwidth and 1GB disk space. You also get free domain and sub domain hosting. The control panel and web hosting admin panel comes absolutely free as well. It is extremely easy to use free website builder as it offers full PHP and MySQL database support. The account activation is also instant without paying any fees. Auto Installer from free WordPress hosting. Free Proxy and billing software.

These are the basic features of free hosting with this company;

  1. The Unlimited Database Support, Space and Bandwidth: The website supports PHP, MySQL, Curl, GD2, Zend, XML a large number of databases in several formats, and other such databases so that you can have a choice. The free website builder also provides a strong bandwidth with a large storage space. These databases do not have any restrictions. As mentioned earlier, the space you get is 1000MB disk space and 10,000MB bandwidth.
  1. High Uptime Guarantee: An uptime percentage is a measure that depends in case you need to check how good a web hosting service provide are good at keeping their servers up and running, also to test the overall functioning. It is one of the few companies that offers 99.9% uptime guarantee. Most of the servers reach an excellent 99.9% uptime. The website provides it for free while most of the other websites charge a fee for this.
  1. Affiliate Marketing Options: If you promote 000webhost on forums, other websites, your website, blogs and personal messages you can have an additional income as the referral program offers affiliate marketing options. Once you have registered with the free website builder you will receive a link that you can start promoting on social media and start earning, and you can easily earn from $5 to $100 for up to 100 people.
  1. Free Website Builder and Quick Installer: The process of creating a website is hassle free and there are hundreds of free professionally designed templates to choose from. The free WordPress hosting helps you create your website in no time. The best news is you do not need the knowledge of coding or have to be an IT expert to build your website. All you have to do is choose a great high quality free template, add menus, newsletters option, chat option and much more and then finally publish the website.

It’s simple, and it’s easy. You can install CMS scripts without any hassle or having to pay anything. You can install a large CMS script with ease. The feature of auto-installation is designed to make it easy for you to work easily with the free hosting techniques.

  1. The Best in Free Website Hosting: 000webhost is one of the best web hosting companies in the world. One of its best features it that there are no fees that you need to pay first and then proceed. The Google ranking is high making it one of the reasons why there are millions of people using the services of The extra benefits that are offered in upgrading usually is not required if your business is small, you’re a professional or if you just need it for blogging.
  1. Several Responsive and Free Templates: There are hundreds of free and professional templates offered to you on the website. With free hosting and free WordPress hosting you get a wider option of choice when choosing from the right templates. Be it hotels, travel, restaurants, IT, games or a professional portfolio, the free website builder has the several themes and templates for all of these.
  1. SEO and SMO friendly Website: When your website is SEO friendly it ranks high on Google, and this eventually brings in more traffic and increases the audience for your business. If you’re into affiliate marketing it would turn out to be an extra income for you. The higher the ranking the better the rating and the more the traffic.
  1. Mobile Friendly and Security: The free hosting offered to you also involves designing mobile friendly websites. The company offers 100% free website and the servers are owned by the company itself. You get options to take advantage of apps such as Google Analytics, Google Maps and others absolutely free of cost. The quality and security of the data centers is of the highest. Not even an expert hacker can shut down or reload any server with your data as this makes the servers untouchable. 000webhost has their own servers and this is also one of the reasons you do not have to worry about your data and information from getting compromised. In case there is any account made on the website for no reason, that account is removed.

The free web hosting is forever for you. Do not worry about this expiring after a year, it is always going to be free of cost for you. 000webhost has been providing free cPanel hosting services since 2007. If you want to upgrade and grow with this free website builder later it is always the choice of the account holder. You can also donate as a community user to the website to help it build and grow. You can also share the details about the website with your friends on social media and start earning income instantly.

You are offered maximum reliability and fanatical user support with several features that function with lightning fast speed. If you’re a small business owner or a professional wanting to promote your business or yourself by having a website, 000webhost is the website you must visit.