Almost all of our hard drives comprise any records that can be without problems traced lower back to us. This data may additionally include but not be limited to personal photos, financial details, account passwords, addresses, private and sensitive files, and folders, etc. If you do now not choose others to find this data or if you are promoting or throwing away your hard drive, then erasing the data is necessary. However, the ordinary Erase key on your keyboard only eliminates the pointers that are pointing to the data, which truly ability that the data erased the use of the typical approach can be recovered the usage of any capable Mac data erasure software excepting much effort.

However, there will be times when you will need to secure data on your hard drive so that it is not recoverable even with the fantastic of data recovery software. DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac is one such software that helps you securely erase your data with no traces using a couple of wiping methods.

Features of Super Eraser

Wipe Individual Files and Folders: Using DoYourData Super Eraser for mac you can shortly and securely wipe pick out files and folders with a click or two.

Wipe Partitions and Drives: Besides erasing individual files and folders, you can additionally use Super Eraser to wipe whole partitions, and challenging drives, a useful characteristic if you are selling, donating, transferring, or throwing away your hard drive.

Wipe Unused or Free Space: If you have already erased a bunch of data, then you would possibly want to wipe the unused or free area so that the erased statistics is no longer recoverable. Super Eraser makes it easy to do so.

Three Different Wiping Methods: Super Eraser has three one of a kind techniques to securely wipe and your data. You can choose any wiping technique you want before erasing the data.

Installation and Usage

Using Super Eraser is convenient and straightforward. To start, go to the authentic website and download Mac data erasure software. Once downloaded, install it like any different Windows software.

After installing, launch the software. As you can see, the consumer interface is minimal and has all the selections you need. The first aspect you need to do is activate the software. Click on the “Activate” button acting on the upper-right corner.

The license code window will open in the above action. Enter the license code and click on the “Activate” button to whole the procedure.

As I stated before, you can wipe individual files and folders, partitions and unused house the use of specific wiping strategies or algorithms. In my case, I prefer to erase some archives and folders. To wipe documents and folders, pick the option “Erase Files or Folders” acting on the left pane.

Now, click on the “Add” button and choose the fantastic alternative to both pick documents and folders.

Once you have done deciding on the documents and folders, this is how it looks. On the left pane, you can pick the wiping algorithm beneath the “Set Eraser Method” option. Once you have performed with everything, click on the “Erase Now” button.

DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac is easy and no-nonsense software that permits you quickly secure erase all personal data when you want to. If you are in need of erasing data beyond recovery, then do attempt the software. So please assume cautiously before you use DoYourData Super Eraser for Mac to erase your data. It is encouraged to back up your vital or useful statistics to every other region before you wipe your Mac hard power or storage device.