If you can showcase yourself in a single post on your favorite social media platform, you can begin the career you have always hoped for with a persuasive essay. Every cover letter is a persuasive essay that should convince the hiring manager to continue past the preview and towards your resume. Using the same methods you use to post on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram can help you create a persuasive cover letter worthy of many likes and the position you have always dreamed of scoring.


Before sending a snap on Snapchat, you need to decide who your photo or video will appeal to. “Knowing your audience is key to getting replays and the most important part of essay writing as well,” says Monica Beaver, Educational expert from SolidEssay.  Do research about the position and company you are hoping to impress before you begin writing a cover letter. With this information you can create a brief, refined glimpse of the relevant experience the people reading your application are looking for. If you want an interview to follow your cover letter, use research and your Snapchat skills to write a powerful message that excites your future boss.


To create even more appetite for the interview, design a cover letter that stands out amongst the other applicants. This will help you avoid being the Facebook friend who overshares their group page and makes users want to click the unfollow button. Receiving a flood of basic resumes without cover letters can exhaust employers in the same way this habit exhausts Facebook scrollers. That is why writing a distinct cover letter for every application is a crucial step in securing the perfect job.

Write each cover letting using descriptive phrases that paint a picture of the characteristics that would be useful in the business you are applying to work in. Ashley Taylor, a famous career advisor from San Diego, California, recommends to check out the most comprehensive list of descriptive essay topics in order to come up with descriptive phrases for the cover letter. It can be helpful to use specific words that you find in the job description to show the reader you are aware of the company’s needs. Writing with this mindset will help you create unique, genuine letters that show hiring managers that you are a notable applicant.


Your Instagram feed features your individuality, but it would be mediocre if it wasn’t for the time you spend perfecting your posts. It is easy to devote minutes or even hours deciding which one of your two favorite filters highlights the photo’s best features. Well, a cover letter is worthy of even more effort. Dedicate a few hours, at least two days and a peer capable of giving honest feedback to the proofreading process of your persuasive cover letter. Simple mistakes like spelling, punctuation and grammar errors can discourage employers from considering you for an interview. Ensure that your cover letter presents the polished version of you that your Insta followers get to see to avoid having your application dismissed.

Many employers view applicants’ social media pages because they want to see how they present themselves to the world. The initial glance and readthrough of a cover letter can answer a lot of questions for employers just like a profile page. You can write an impressive, persuasive cover letter by knowing your audience, including job-specific information and editing with care. If you have the confidence to post a selfie, you can write an essay that will wow your soon-to-be boss.