Control of the staff – a guarantee that one day you will not be left at the bottom of the barrel or make excuses to customers for a disrupted order, etc. Situations can be drawn in different ways. Loafers, alas, can be found in every team. Avoid performing direct duties because of laziness, lack of motivation, dislike of the profession … The task of the head – to find reasons and regulate the production processes. How he will do it: hard, total surveillance or loyal monitoring – the methods are chosen depending on the field of activity and the company’s ability to organize monitoring.

How to control the work of employees?

What good things will I do at work today, and how quickly? How many employees ask this question over their morning coffee and follow the goals set the day before? That would be interesting for every employer to know. Numerous surveys have already painted a concrete picture. Statistics say employees in the morning:

  • look through the mail – 53%;
  • chatting with friends in messengers, exchanging popular pictures – 67%;
  • play computer games – 37%;
  • scrolling through the newsfeed and reading the publicity groups – 48%.

The desire for a quick, 10-minute view of the most interesting things results in hanging out on the Internet for half an hour or more, completely off-topic. Loud appeals “Work, do not get distracted!” do not achieve much. You cannot stand behind the back of every subordinate. All of these supervisory methods are long outdated. Business leaders see and find a way out in time management programs.

Accounting for the arrival and departure of employees

The path to achievement, whether social or personal, begins with discipline. Coming to the office at a regulated hour means taking advantage of the most productive time for activity. There is little hope for self-control. Moreover, it is a direct obligation of the employer to account for a citizen’s time in the enterprise. The record is kept by several methods: all appearances and no-shows are recorded, only deviations are noted, such as overtime, absenteeism. The method of continuous registration is convenient when the length of the shift varies. In this case, all the employee hours worked are summed up, from which you can see whether the employee did not work enough or worked too hard.

Control over the use of working time manually

With all the variety of electronic devices that control time, not everyone and not always get away from paper. Some enterprises continue to keep a timesheet or logbook, in which they note the presence/absence of employees in production.

The need for such a table on paper is often explained by controversial situations that may arise, for example, when accruing wages, when calculating the hours worked for a certain period.

These documents are traditionally handled by the timekeeper or personnel officer. It is he who is responsible for compliance with the requirements for the design and for the accuracy of the information:

  • Develops employee work schedules;
  • Records arrivals and departures, adherence to a specific schedule and standard hours; absenteeism, overtime, vacations, day/night leaves, weekends, holidays, business trips, and professional development;
  • checks documents confirming a valid reason for non-appearance, i.e. sick leave, subpoena;
  • notes violations of the work schedule and informs the top manager about it.

In companies with small staffs, where they do not focus on the details of the processes, they use another simple way of accounting – they keep a table in excel. It can be downloaded from the Internet and is easy to keep. But it’s also easy to make mistakes in filling it in when workers are on a shift schedule. Moreover, it does not analyze the quality of occupied time.

Automated control of working hours

Automated timekeeping systems help to increase team efficiency and at the same time to improve organization in the team, to pay strictly for the work and remain an objective, not authoritarian, boss.

Along with the accounting of arrivals and departures, the ASRMS shows which colleagues work better, who is worthy of encouragement, allows you to plan the load, reduce unnecessary transactions, in integration with accounting software simplifies payroll, compiling statistics and final reporting on labor processes.

Automated accounting of working hours

RW accounting programs differ in principle of work, schedule, reports, mode,
cost, functionality. There are several variants:

  • turnstiles. They cut off the passers one by one and show the net working time minus early departures, protracted lunches, and tardiness;
  • video cameras. At the entrance and in the offices are filmed online, but it requires a special person for technical support and quite a long search period when you need to get data on a particular person;
  • biometric terminals. A fingerprint or vein pattern on the skin of the hand, the shape of the face, etc. serves as an identifier. The convenience is that you won’t forget the ID at home or lose it. But if you put your finger on the sensor incorrectly or get it a little dirty, the data will be read incorrectly;
  • access control and management with the function of time recording by contactless cards. Convenient in companies with many rooms with limited access, additional terminals;
  • computer programs. They record not only the arrival at the workplace, but also the day filled with important or useless activities.

Online time recording

The Monitask program is a constant companion for those to whom it has been installed in a PC. It is chosen for its important advantage of compiling a picture of the day in real time. All data Monitask marks automatically. Even if it is difficult for the employee to remember what he was doing the previous day, the information is stored. And the manager develops a clear understanding of the efficiency of business processes.
Some people, of course, will find the proximity to such a PP tense and intrusive. But only at first glance. Loyalty to employees is another unique characteristic of Monitask. It leaves room for maneuvering – get off the social network in time and focus on your goal. That is, it does not take screenshots of the screen, does not watch through a webcam, will not “read” correspondence. The merits of the software are measured by its useful functionality:

  • synchronizes with IP-telephony, calendar, turnstiles and provides a ready photo of the working day. Any violations are registered in the service and sent to the director by e-mail;
  • collects detailed statistics from the PC from the moment it is logged on until the computer is shut down;
  • provides statistics instantly, on-demand, from which you can see how helpful and helpful someone was in approaching tasks or interested in entertaining content;
  • details work on projects, the involvement of a specialist is documented;
  • The time-tracking function calculates the time spent on the implementation of the project, the individual items on it. As a result, you can calculate the financial costs for each direction.

The benefits of Monitask are confidently emphasized by companies that operate with large volumes of information, with a huge team working in them, who think about continuous development and go to it.