There are plenty of reasons you might need a VPN service. Their benefits range from encryption, security and a means to safeguard your identity by concealing your IP address when you browse online. A Virtual Private Network is one of the most notable security tools for protecting and concealing information sent over a network. However, since there are several service providers and all of them with different performances, you will need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each to find the one that suits you the most. You can find information like this on The factors below affect the performance of VPN services and must be put into consideration when you are choosing one.

  1. Location: This is very important when getting a VPN. Often, when trying to choose a Virtual Private Network, there is always one or more location(s) in mind. If this is the case with you, then you must be sure to pick a service provider that supports the location of your choice. Also, since performance may also vary based on location, choosing the right location may affect the quality of service you get from your server.
  2. Speed: the speed of a VPN service determines the kind of experience you will have using it. When your linking speed is slow, you might be left frustrated and unable to do your work.

Is your VPN connection slow, click here to find out why. Additionally, to get a VPN service with the right sped, you must know which of the speed metric you need. The important speed metrics include ping time, upload and download speed.

Ping time is important for applications like Skype, or for playing online games. Upload time is for sending messages, if you do more of uploading then, you will want a VPN with high upload speed while if downloading is what you do more, you should go for a VPN that has high download speed. As mentioned previously, distance should also be considered since some VPNs are limited to some states or country. If you will be sending or receiving data from a particular state or country, the state or country should be considered.

  1. Cost: In addition to the location and the speed, another that you have to consider before choosing a service provider is the cost. Their services vary and so do their prices. While costs vary and may influence the quality of service that you get, you don’t have to break the bank to get the best of VPN service. Click here for a list of free or cheap VPN services you can try.

Generally, you should make your decision based on how much you are willing to spend. This will determine the type of service you will be going for and will help you narrow your options. Another way to save cost is to simply go for a yearly plan rather than a monthly subscription. Once you have carried out your research and you are convinced which service is perfect for you, you can save cost by going for a 6 month or even a year plan. If you are yet to decide fully and may still change your mind later, you can help yourself by checking how favorable their refund policy is (if there is any at all) or just do a monthly plan. Alternatively, you can look for service providers that offer free trials. This way you get a feel of their services and know what to expect.

  1. Privacy: most of the time, the main reason why people go for Virtual Private Network is because of security and privacy. If this is important to you too then you must find out if the service provider will be tracking your activities across the network. Some VPN providers keep logs of your connection time.

You should also take note of other types of personal information captured by the company. Some might just ask for an email address while some may be more detailed by asking for a real address, telephone number, etc. Since your reason for getting a VPN in the first place is for privacy, you might want to drop those requesting for information more than an email address and look for those that don’t. Is your VPN revealing your true location? Click here to find out more about troubleshooting this problem.

The country where the company is located is also a determining factor. This is because we also have countries whose government monitors their online activities strictly. If it is a country whose policies does not favor data retention in terms of privacy, it will affect you since the provider needs to reveal your information to the appropriate bodies when requested to do so. Choose a country where they are not compelled by these laws like Romania and Panama. Going through the Privacy Policy of the VPN provider might come in handy in this case.

  1. Restriction: This is the limitation the providers put on the connection. The type of VPN you will go for will be greatly affected by the number of connections you have. Some give two, some five but, there are some VPN that has no restrictions so, you are covered if your connections are numerous.


If you need to choose or buy a VPN service, carefully scrutinizing your options will ensure that you do not make the wrong choice. You will find above some of the important factors to consider before settling for one service provider out of the numerous options available to you.