WiFi is not your only option for temporary internet access. In fact, there are lots of choices available for you. Some of them are extremely reliable, offering guaranteed connectivity and dedicated speeds. There are also others with variable speeds. But, out of all routes to temporary internet access, the least reliable is cellular connection.

Different bandwidth service tiers provide distinctive speeds, yield different results, and come at variable costs. For instance, the most affordable option is cellular bandwidth that can be deployed in short notice. However, you will not get any assurance on reliability or speed and you certainly should not just count on cellular bandwidth for something you consider as mission critical.

It can be very expensive to get a dedicated bandwidth but at times, you have to ensure that your internet connection doesn’t drop under any circumstances. Typically, dedicated bandwidth comes with 99.99% SLA. It means that the network will not go down for more than 5 minutes every month.

This kind of bandwidth gets delivered through point to point microwave antennas or fiber optic cable. If there if is no fiber installed in your chosen event venue, there is a high chance that you will not use fiber for the event. The process of installation takes months, not to mention that it can get pretty expensive. It is often not a short term solution you would consider for events.

Most internet service for events is delivered with point to point antennas and is usually very reliable. There is super quick installation and you can get more speeds with very low latency perfect for video streaming.

The next time you plan for your event, don’t forget to determine the amount of bandwidth necessary for you and all your guests. This is a consideration that you should never take for granted. To ensure that the bandwidth you get will cater to your requirements, make sure you work with the most reliable event internet service provider just like TradeShowInternet.com.